Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blooming Things, Prom and CPR

It's 47ºF outside this morning! I'm not sure why we're having such wintry temperatures all of a sudden. I am back to wearing a jacket and scarf and hat every day. Ah, England.

Things are blooming, though, as you can see. This tree near our flat sent out dramatic showers of yellow blossoms (above), and our own clematis vine is flowering for the first time (below). Dave bought it last summer, but it got broken off two or three times at ground level before it had a chance to get very tall -- we blamed the wind, but it may have been Olga, or perhaps the balcony squirrel -- and we never got a bloom.

We put up a special prom-season book display in the school library yesterday, including the prom pictures of all the librarians. We thought the kids would get a laugh from them. Unfortunately, few of the kids even noticed the display -- at least, while I was there. I have a feeling that when it does catch their eye there will be much amusement! Apparently, after I left my desk yesterday afternoon, one student did mention to Dave that it was curious seeing me both with hair and with a girl. "Why didn't he take a boy to prom?" the kid asked, and Dave had to explain that not so many years ago that was unheard of -- especially in Pasco County, Florida.

It's nice how times have changed, isn't it? Although I have a feeling same-sex prom dates are still pretty rare in Pasco County.

I left work a bit early because I had to go for CPR and first aid training -- a job requirement. It was a four-hour class, and I dreaded it, but it actually turned out to be quite interesting. I last took CPR in 1992, as I was preparing to go into the Peace Corps, and it's somewhat different now. The ratio of compressions to breaths has changed (30 compressions for every 2 breaths, rather than 15), and they say mouth-to-mouth isn't even necessary if you're uncomfortable with it. I also learned that my hand placement for the Heimlich Maneuver wasn't quite right -- I'd previously learned to put my hands below the choking person's rib cage, but yesterday the instructors advised belly-button level.

God knows I hope I never have to actually use any of my life-saving skills. But I guess it's a good idea to have them.

Back to flowers -- our campanula is going gangbusters, too. I love that one little yellow oxalis that sprouted in the pot!


  1. Okay. Gorgeous flowers. Of course. But what I really love is that we now live in a world where a kid could ask you that question.
    Times have changed. I bet even in Pasco County. Somewhat.
    This all just makes me love you even more, Steve.

  2. I dread taking CPR because I doubt seriously I would ever have the wherewithal to do anything but be the person who calls 911. However the first aid classes are great. I have to remain certified to be licensed. It's great information!

    Yes we have made a leap in evolution regarding love and connection. Anyone can love anyone. Thank god.

  3. If I'm not mistaken, 47 was as high as it got the week I was there in November and coming from the desert, I was COLD. I have to say, I love the purple flowers you have growing (both kinds). The yellow tree is quite lovely but, I have a special attraction to purple flowers.

  4. Well could WE see your prom picture, too?

  5. What is that gorgeous tree? I've taken CPR many times as well as advanced wilderness first aid. I heard a doctor say once that CPR doesn't really work because to actually compress the heart you have to push hard enough to break the rib cage.

  6. I love the purple & yellow-ness of this post - very pretty. And it's just GREAT that the kid asked about your prom date. Love love love that. You really should post the picture :)

  7. That yellow tree is one helluva a beauty! And, yes, times they are a'changing. Praise Mary's baby!

  8. Okay, now you've piqued our interest in this prom photo of you and the unnamed girl you took to your prom.

    Photo, PLEASE! :)

    Plus, I love that the students know that you and Dave are partners and they are cool with that. Times have changed and thankfully for the better.

    Having lived in Pasco County myself, it would be hard to imagine that happening at that time.

  9. Same sex, no sex, non gender has become such a non issue up here in the more rational part of the U.S. - been to two same sex weddings and am invited to two more on the same day in September. The weddings are generally more creative and more meaningful than run of the mill man and wifey, big dress,uncomfortable suit- dad gives the bride away sort of ridiculous ceremony, "gives the woman away???" WTF? Anyway, pot is legal, anybody can marry their loved one, the coal terminal for shipping to China was voted down! YAY, US! No plastic bags in our city...things may be looking up in some respects.Too late, but at least we feel good about coming around.That is awesome about the library kid. YAY.
    Love your pretty flowers.