Thursday, May 15, 2014

Six Minor Things That Bug Me

1. I do not like it when people walk slowly and block the sidewalk. I've already harped about this ad nauseam, even trying to talk myself out of it, but to no avail. It is my single biggest pet peeve. I realize this says things about my personality and I probably ought to continue to work on it.

2. On a related note, bicyclists on sidewalks scare me. If you are on a bike, you need to be in the street, unless you are six years old. Then you are forgiven.

3. I don't like extra fabric in pants. Specifically, in a pair of khakis, I don't like layers of extra "trimmings" around the inside of the waistband -- those folds of white and baby blue cotton that serve no readily apparent purpose.

4. On a related note, I can't stand those little pockets-within-pockets that are sometimes found in khakis. I've been told that this little internal pocket, sewn into the bottom of the standard front pants pocket, is supposed to keep coins from clanking around. Problem is, I can't get my change out of my pocket because it's trapped in that freaking clank-prevention device.

5. I don't like to be automatically served condiments in little packets. Like on airlines -- I never use the salt and pepper packets that come in my meal, but I also hate to throw them away. It seems so wasteful. So I bring them home, and put them in a drawer in the kitchen, where they stack up and sit for months until finally, in a fit of tidiness, I throw them away. It's so crazy. I want to select my condiments rather than get them automatically.

6. On a related note, I think Keurig coffee makers are evil. The little plastic pods containing the coffee grounds are so wasteful! I drink three cups of coffee a day, which, if I used a Keurig, would add 21 plastic capsules to the landfill in just a week. Why, when I can brew coffee in my French press and be left with nothing but biodegradable coffee grounds?

(Top photo: I also dislike it when people throw things away that they could give to charity. Lampshades, for example -- although, granted, that is not a very attractive lampshade.)


  1. I think I'd agree with every single one of your peeves except maybe the khaki pants one because I don't wear khaki pants.

  2. I agree about the coffee makers! Plus how expensive it would be if you didn't use the one with the little basket..Everything now is coming in single serve...those pods for detergent bug me....ha!

  3. Your post today made me laugh out loud. I've had pretty much had exactly the same thoughts about everything in your list with the possible exception of the coffee thing. Since I don't drink coffee, I hadn't thought about the Keurig problem. Your are so right those little pods are very wasteful.

  4. And those rubbishy bits is exactly why you should become an artist of put together's...making art out of stuffy stuff. I agree with you about everything , except pockets, My trousers do not have pockets, so I have not experienced the tiny pocket within the pocket. Slow walkers drive me nuts, Dexter is SLOWWWW, I do not consider it to be walking at all.

  5. I do't know about Keurig, but the Nespresso pods can be recycled - my parents have a machine at home, and we collect the pods and bring them back to the store for just this purpose.

  6. I use that little pocket to keep my bobby pins for when my bangs WILL NOT STAY OUT OF MY FACE! And I agree about the Keurig. Mike uses one at my dad's house because he likes his coffee really strong - that way he can have it the way he wants it & Daddy & Amy can share their pot of swill (I don't drink coffee).

    Oh, & I think I had a dress out of the same fabric as that lampshade back in the day. Probably a Laura Ashley :)