Friday, May 2, 2014

Banana Pudding, Again

Can I possibly squeeze out a second blog post about making Authentic Southern Banana Pudding?

Well, yes, because this is my first domestically produced batch! You may remember that the last time I made banana pudding -- one of my favorite desserts from childhood -- Dave and I brought the Nilla wafers and the instant pudding back in our suitcases from the states.

A few months ago, though, Dave finally found a store in London that stocks Nilla wafers. So he bought a box, and yesterday I got motivated to go find some instant pudding. It's not Jell-O -- in fact, it's imported from Israel, which is a little strange -- but it worked.

Et voilĂ !

Dave and I both had huge helpings after dinner last night, which left me going to bed a little nauseated, but extremely happy.

I had more crazy dreams. We were packing, we were moving. I was trying to fit specific objects into specific boxes, such as: "Here is a large, flat box. If I wrap the blue platter made by my pottery teacher in Sarasota in 1999 in paper, wouldn't it fit in that box?" Clearly I have some anxiety about what's coming down the road regarding finding a new apartment.

I also dreamed that Dave served me soup in which were floating two sticks of butter, still wrapped in foil. Not that far from the truth, sometimes, and probably a reaction to all that banana pudding!


  1. Oh, yum. That makes my mouth water. There's a place here in Los Angeles that makes really outrageous banana pudding with oreos in it.

  2. Would you believe I've never eaten banana pudding? It looks yummy.

  3. Yumm! Banana pudding.

    Congratulations on being forced to move. I'm sure it will be unpleasant, as moves generally are, but great to get your own space without someone else's stuff. I know you'll find a fabulous space. Once settled in, it is going to feel so good.

    I know this isn't really your world view, but in case you're curious, this is the perfect time astrologically to make big life changes. You're dancing with the energy.

    Wish I could come help you pack! Oh well.

  4. Instant pudding? Shame on you.

  5. Elizabeth: Oreos?! That's an interesting twist!

    Angella: Get thee to the Magnolia Bakery. They serve a mean banana pudding.

    Reya: It's comforting to know I'm working with the universe on this, but it's still scary!

    Ellen: I know, I know. But I swear I am using the recipe from the Nilla wafers box, and it calls for instant. My babysitter used to make it with meringue instead of whipped cream, but I'm not going down that road...

  6. HAHAHA I love that your dreams are a s crazy as everyone elses..Anxiety makes for great dreams and clenched teeth. Good luck moving. I hope you find a garden. The coop here sells instant-ish organic pudding, Must be cooked a little but is very nice, alao vanilla waffers, organic, gluten free, which are not even close to Nilla.Sometimes you just have to go for the real deal even though it may screw up you blood sugar. When your address changes , message me on FB and I will send you some from the coop.

  7. Your dream stories had me chucking. I've often wondered what the impact of food has on my dreams. Sometimes I'll have very vivid and very active dreams and other times they are just blips. However, if I knew I was going to have to move soon, I would most likely be stressing about it too.

  8. Dreamy banana pudding...and have you ever tried making your own custard? It's easy.
    And aren't dreams strange? And can't we sometimes just say, "Yep, I know what that was about." And then sometimes it's like, "WTF???!!!"


    Maybe for next time? :)

  10. Ooh I LOVE banana pudding! We always had meringue on ours - it's not THAT hard (but definitely requires an electric mixer - I tried to make it once by hand). My aunt also made a version with sour cream that was really good (mixed with the pudding).

    I think I'm gonna have to make some myself one of these days!