Friday, May 16, 2014

People on the Streets

I mentioned several days ago that I walked down Portobello Road and then around Piccadilly Circus photographing people. Here are the results.

I look for people who have an interesting appearance for some reason -- maybe their posture or their clothing or their hair. I try to be selective.

The colorful hair thing is very popular here in Britain -- brilliant reds and blues and purples. Hey, why the heck not?!

This woman was looking quite fashionable, with her $895 pink Gucci bag. People sure do love their iPhones, don't they?


  1. Everybody has a story.You have captured some really interesting ones. Your photos would be great for a creative writing class, sparks imagination , intrigue - inspirational.And GORGEOUS! The guy with the tumbling hair stopped me dead in my tracks!I have always wanted a sideways lense so that I could take photos of people while appearing to be taking a photo of something else.

  2. These are great pictures! Fabulous portraits. Each one could be a writer's prompt. Cool!

    How did you know about the price of the Gucci bag?

  3. Reya: I looked it up online, to make sure it IS a Gucci bag!

  4. I suddenly feel very plain with my hair-colored hair.

  5. I loved the commeraderie in the mother & daughter photo. Such a sweet phot!