Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Double Rainbow

This was the scene yesterday evening after a sunshower, when the sky was still gray but the light from the sun was golden. My lens actually wasn't wide enough to capture the whole thing! I didn't get quite as emotional as the guy in the famous video, but I enjoyed the view.

So, about that prom picture -- I'd post it but I haven't had a chance to scan a copy. So let me instead link you to this one, which shows me and several friends at my junior prom in 1983. These days, we all get a huge laugh out of this photo. (That's me at bottom right.) I'm still in touch with everyone except the two girls in the back center -- I have no idea where they are.

Not much else to report today. The dog is begging me to go outside, so I better get moving before we have a catastrophe!


  1. OMG your prom pic! You are adorable! Love!!

    And the double rainbow - wow. I know the scientific explanation for the phenomena but may I say that a rainbow is far more than sunlight refracted through drops of water or ice. It is a little, temporary, blessing. It's a visitation from a celestial dignitary. They come and go so quickly, but that's the nature of the sky.

    Fabulous. Sometimes here when there's a rainbow I have to point it out to people who are staring at the ground or into their devices. For heaven's sake.

  2. 1. You were not the only gay kid in that picture.

    2. Once when we were driving back from Asheville, there was such a spectacular double rainbow in the sky that people were all talking about it at the gas station where we stopped. "Did you SEE that?" Everyone was awed and amazed.
    Great shot.

  3. Back in my early 20s I was with a group of friends in New Hampshire and we had all taken psilocybin and were headed for the coast and we stopped to get gas and there was the most amazing double rainbow. The drug was coming on fast and we decided we would never make it to the coast so we went to a nearby state park in an evergreen forest with a lake and a spring fed creek that fed it and it was one of the most amazing days of my life and that double rainbow started it off.

  4. The double rainbow is fantastic. I'm so glad you saw it, photographed it, and shared it.
    I LOVED the prom photo. A group of us at work got to talking about old fashions and I mentioned that at one time I had an "afro". Since my hair is blonde and very fine, they really couldn't imagine it so I brought in the photo. That got us to all bring in photos. Who knew we'd all be laughing at our younger versions one day? It was all so "cool" back then.
    PS: that guy sitting next to you looks like a very young Ted Koppel.

  5. Gorgeous rainbow!! And I love the prom pic - you had wavy hair!