Friday, May 9, 2014

Pub Quiz Failures

We re-assembled our winning Pub Quiz team for another go last night, but this time we were not as successful, alas. We came in something like fifth place, out of maybe a dozen teams. Not terrible and embarrassing, but also not victorious.

I was particularly peeved by the question, "What is the only English word that ends in -mt?"

We all racked our brains but all we could come up with was verklemt, which is both misspelled and not English. I told my fellow players, "I bet it's a British past tense that in America would be spelled with an -med." But then I couldn't think what it could possibly be.

Spoiler alert: It's dreamt. So I was correct -- because in my part of the world, we say dreamed, do we not?

I did figure out the only anagram of the word impressive, so I can give myself a pat on the back for that one.

I went ballistic in the library yesterday. Some kids were horsing around and one of them yelled an obscenity -- "What the f*ck?!" -- so I threw the whole group out into the hall. Dave says it's good for them to see the adults get angry, so they know we're emotionally invested -- but I always feel stupid afterwards. The constant need to be a disciplinarian is by far the least pleasant part of my job.

We think we may have a line on a new apartment -- one being vacated by a coworker. I've made a call about it and we're waiting to hear back from the leasing agent. If it works out it would be terrific, because the current occupant also has some not-dreadful furniture that we could buy. Stay tuned!

(Photo: Lordship Lane, Tottenham.)


  1. I like to think of you throwing the rude kids out into the hall. And that pub game sounds fun.

  2. I probably would have yelled to the kids, "Get the F**K out of here!" Which would have been wrong, right?
    I dreamt of houses again last night.

  3. Impressive has just one anagram? Do tell!

  4. Lordship Lane? Wow.

    I would hate having to yell at the kids. Sometimes that's the only way to set a boundary.

  5. Yah, being an adult or an authority figure sucks sometimes. Hope the new apartment works out.

  6. Those quizzes sound like a great way to spend an evening exercising your brain.

    I hope the new flat works out!

  7. To me it seems like it's even MORE powerful if you're the one who gets mad at the kids - because I'll bet you come across as really easy-going otherwise. They probably think, "uh oh, we must REALLY be in trouble if he's mad!"

  8. Elizabeth: These pub quizzes ARE fun, though it's tough when your memory has been somewhat impaired by beer!

    Ms Moon: Yeah, I don't think that's really teaching by example. :)

    Angella: Apparently the only anagram of IMPRESSIVE is PERMISSIVE, which is what I came up with!

    Reya: I really try NOT to yell, but sometimes they just push too far.

    Ellen: It does!

    Lynne: Yeah, maybe they help stave off Alzheimers??

    Bug: That is exactly my theory. I try not to yell and nag much, because when I do, I want it to MEAN something. I think some librarians nag so often that they become invisible, you know?