Sunday, May 4, 2014

David and Ondine

This was the scene as Olga and I walked to Wormwood Scrubs yesterday morning. I love this photo. Such a great storefront, and those shoes!

Olga was in a peculiar frame of mind -- she seemed to want to explore unfamiliar streets, so that's what we did, tacking toward the park the whole time. (Usually she is all about routine and gets quite concerned if we deviate from the routes she knows.)

I must have passed this hair salon before, but I don't remember it. Olga showed me something new!

When we got to the park we found the playing fields full of people -- including lots of kids with American accents in baseball uniforms. Must be some kind of American baseball league meeting there.

So we circled around the fields to the wilder -- you could say scrubbier -- parts of Wormwood Scrubs, where things were blooming and Olga could run in the high grass.

Yesterday afternoon I Skyped with my mom and then had a big dose of banana pudding. I'm trying to put together a plan to get my Florida driver's license when I go back to the states, and my mom will have to help with that, so we talked about what will be required.

Finally, Dave and I went to see a school play last night, a very peculiar piece called "Ondine," about a water nymph who falls in love with a human soldier. The kids did a great job with it, but I must say I'm still a little confused about some aspects of the plot!


  1. That Olga! You guys did a great job at choosing, naming, and loving her. And I think she knows it.

  2. Sometimes walking the dog seems like such an inconvenience because there are so many things that I must do. And then I am up on the towpath with Cal and I feel things falling into place again. My perspective changes. Thank goodness for dog walks! I am glad you enjoy them as much as Olga does.

  3. That IS a great shot! Those shoes are wonderful. I have a saying which is, "You can't have a bad time when you're wearing red shoes."
    I believe this to be true.
    I want to be Olga in my next lifetime.

  4. oh yeah, great shoes, match his shirt which you can just get a peek of. and the scrubbier parts of Wormwood Scrubs are more attractive to me.

  5. Love the photo! It is such a great story, and BANANANANA pud, your life is GOOD! Olga, oh my- she is a cutie! Dogs are the best for adventure, I loved when I just let Dexter take me where ever his nose wanted to go. Always the best alleys, the best back roads. Love this post. Still looking online for rental , Greenwich doesn't seem too expensive, such a pretty little village. I love looking.