Saturday, May 3, 2014

Moving Inertia

I'm kind of in the denial stage of this whole moving thing. I'm hoping it will just go away. (Intellectually I know it won't, but emotionally I am still hopeful.)

I did make inquiries into one apartment, but the owner wouldn't allow dogs. So that was that! We'll move all the way to Milton Keynes if we have to, in order to keep Olga. Dog permission is a requirement.

We have the name of a rental agent who may be able to help us, but I feel a sort of low-grade paralysis about starting the process, so I haven't called her yet. For one thing, it seems a little early. We still have three months left on our lease. On the other hand, I'm sure we could move sooner if we found something suitable.

And then I think about all the utilities, and how we have to have them disconnected and reconnected, and we have to change our address, and we have to take apart the door frame to get the dining room table out, and what about getting it into a new apartment? What about the council taxes and the water bill, which I've already paid for the coming year? Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

I know, I know -- I have to take this step by step and not allow it to turn into a huge, exhausting tidal wave. Looking at the process in its totality is not the way to go.

I've agreed to help the owners of our current flat schedule viewings by real estate agents so they can get valuations and list it. A similar flat in our development, on a much lower floor, is listed at £750,000 -- which converts to the astonishing sum of $1.27 million. So I'm pretty sure Dave and I won't be buying this one!

In other news, I worked the hardest I have ever worked in the library yesterday. The process of weeding the book collection continues, and because we've created lots of empty shelf space we had to shift the collection to consolidate what we've kept. I shifted a lot of the books but then realized that I put too many of them onto each shelf, leaving not enough room for new acquisitions or books that are checked out. (Apparently the general rule of thumb is to fill each shelf only about 2/3 full.) So I had to shift them again, which was harder than moving them in the first place.

On the bright side: I got my workout for the day!

(Photo: Street art by Run, Shoreditch.)


  1. You are a lot like me in some regards. The pre-anxiety thing. You have it right, though. You have to break it all down into small pieces you can deal with one by one.
    You'll do it. And you have Dave. You won't be doing it alone.

  2. It's big. I totally get the inertia.

    But I know you will find a fabulous place and after the dust settles, it's going to be so much better. I feel it. You will prevail.

    Wish I could come help you pack.

  3. FREEZE...I get that! Especially trying to find digs that are both affordable and Olga welcoming. That seems to me the most difficult part of moving. Just checked on line a little - whoooeee the prices are ridiculous. Wondering about Greenwich or Kent maybe! Too far?

  4. I was the same way with our last move - & I think Mike ended up doing most of it. Although it WAS pre-hip surgery so I sort of had an excuse.

    Before our office moved I shifted SO MANY files that I really felt like more of a manual laborer than an office drone. And yet I still don't have fabulous biceps. Sigh.

  5. You'll find somewhere. Once you take the first step you'll be committed, so the first step is the one that counts right now. I bet you're going to love it wherever you land.