Friday, May 23, 2014

Efficiency and Gossip

Yesterday I had an incredibly efficient day. As in, I was incredibly efficient. I got a ton of stuff done that's been stacking up and it felt great -- various forms submitted for the apartment, summer reading lists compiled for the library, groundwork laid for our visa-renewal appointment, a refund of our council tax arranged.

In the evening I went out with some colleagues for a pint at the pub, which of course turned to three pints, as pub outings are often wont to do. I learned lots of fascinating gossipy things. By the time I wandered home Dave was already here, having come back from the 5th Grade Concert. I had a couple of peanut butter-and-banana sandwiches for dinner, thereby polishing off the last of our mountain of bananas.

(Thanks for all the hints on how to use and preserve bananas, by the way. I kept the freezing option in mind the whole time, in case we couldn't eat them in time. I'd say we were down to the wire.)

This morning, as I took Olga out for her walk, I saw a squirrel on the sidewalk just outside the front door. So I took Olga off her leash and opened the door, and she was off like a shot. The squirrel, of course, promptly ran up the side of the building -- probably to eat our balcony plants -- but Olga still got such a charge out of the chase that she had to make several laps of the apartment buildings to blow off steam.

(Photo: St. John's Wood. You may recognize that Westminster sign on the right.)


  1. my sister's two little dogs love to chase squirrels and they know the word. all you have to do is say 'go get the squirrel' and they are off like a shot to the nearest tree, whether there is a squirrel or not.

  2. Olga is effusive!

    Bravo on your efficiency and the end of the bananas. You are mighty

  3. I peel ripe bananas, wrap in cling wrap and freeze for smoothies. You can make these in a blender with spinach, frozen cherries if available, coconut water, a frozen banana or two. Delicious!