Thursday, May 29, 2014

No More Aphids!

Remember those aphids I wrote about, sucking the life out of our horseradish plant?

Well, last night I took a look at the plant, and I could not find a single aphid. What I did find, though, were a couple of these -- ladybug larvae.

I'm amazed that just ten days after I was vexed by the quantity of aphids afflicting our plant, nature has taken care of the problem. Now I'm wondering if there are too few aphids to keep the larvae alive! I mean, I did not see a single one.

At least I didn't have to go after the plant with soapy water again.

I don't know my larvae well enough to know whether this is a native UK ladybug or an invasive exotic ladybug. As usual, I'm going to let nature take its course!


  1. May I say I'm relieved that you don't know your larvae well enough to identify it? Ha.

    Glad the aphids are gone! Don't worry about the ladybugs. They are so good at taking care of themselves.

  2. How can such a cute little bug look so scary in larvae form? Great shot, Steve!!