Friday, August 1, 2014

Driver's License

Another obstacle down! I have a new driver's license!

You may remember that in addition to solving the coffee table issue, the other major goal of my trip was to switch my old New Jersey license to my family home address in Florida (and thus renew it, because my New Jersey license was about to expire). I never drive in the U.K. so I don't need a license there, but I do need to maintain one here in the states so that I can get around when I return.

So yesterday morning my mom and I went to the county tax collector's office (which is apparently where they process driver's licenses now -- I'm not sure what became of the DMV) and after shuffling many documents I emerged with a new license. I registered to vote, too, so I can exercise my rights as a U.S. citizen in a state where I actually have roots (as opposed to New Jersey, where I voted in the last elections, it being my most recent state of residence).

It's all a huge weight off my shoulders.

The picture isn't even bad. Unlike the UK, where I'm asked not to smile for official photos, here I could at least look friendly.

To celebrate the maintenance of said driving privileges, mom and I went to Village Inn for breakfast. Later I drove dad's truck back from the dealer (turns out it died because of a bad fuel pump, which required $900 in repairs) and exclaimed, "My first drive with my new license!" I felt like a teenager.

It's good to know I'll be mobile for the foreseeable future.

(Photo: A dragonfly at the lake behind my dad's house.)


  1. I love your bug pictures!

    Love that you are fully licensed, too, and I love your story about the coffee table. You are not a hoarder or a collector of tons of stuff. The things you care about are few, and you truly care for them. Well worth it, I say! Very well worth it.

  2. I thought that was a painting! A photo of a fabulous painting! We still have DMV here and it is as awful as the reputation is. I do not even know who that old fat cross eyed woman is in the photo, when ever I present it for ID, the person looking at it either laughs hysterically or doubts that it is mine. Glad you are getting your affairs in order.Impressive! I wonder how medicare works if one is living outside the would not know because you will not be there for a very long time...just curious. Have a wonderful time ! (hear that?....Olga snoring in the sunshine...)