Saturday, August 9, 2014

Interlude at the Lake

I think I need some quiet time. I always start to feel this way when I come back to Florida. It's important to visit everyone, but it also leads to an inevitable whirlwind of social interaction and even family mediation. Holy cow.

Back when I was sitting regularly, meditation gave me that outlet -- a dedicated period to simply watch my mind, watch the thoughts flow, be silent and without purpose or goal. Maybe I'll sit some today.

(Photo: The lake behind my mom's house, late evening.)


Ms. Moon said...

May you find some peace today. That shot is magnificent.

ellen abbott said...

all times away need at least one day to make the transition back. if that is a lake I could sit by, I would be there.

Steve Reed said...

Ms Moon: Thanks. Coming from a Florida expert, that means a lot. :)

Ellen: You can sit by this lake but you have to come to Florida first! I'm actually still in Florida -- I go home to London on Tuesday.

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous photo. And yes, sit for a bit.