Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Marian the Librarian

It's ironic that I'm posting a picture of laundry, because yesterday was definitely not an ideal laundry day. It poured rain pretty much constantly. I sat inside and read, finally making a dent in the second half of "The Sea" by John Banville, a dreamy novel of loss and nostalgia that I may or may not like -- I haven't yet decided. I probably won't decide until the last page.

It wasn't just rainy -- it was also cold, in the mid-'50s, cold enough that I needed slippers and a hat indoors. I needed a jacket all last week. We have definitely been experiencing the first pinch of autumn.

Dave and I spent the afternoon watching old musicals. We started with "The Music Man," which I wanted to see because of our library talent video. Backstory: Each department in the school where I work produces a short video to welcome students. These are compiled and shown at an opening assembly. For our library video, I suggested we do a rhythmic piece using the various beeping, stamping, shushing sounds of checking out books and managing students. A co-worker suggested we use the music from "Marian the Librarian," from "The Music Man," to set the rhythm -- so we found a karaoke version on YouTube and played it in the background as we stamped, scanned and stacked books to the beat. I haven't even seen the results yet -- and I won't until the assembly -- but it made me curious about "The Music Man." So there you have it.

I'd seen "The Music Man," but it had been decades. The only thing I remembered was the teenage girl who kept exclaiming, "Ye gods!" Turns out the "Marian the Librarian" scene employs library tools as rhythmic devices in the same way we did, which is probably why my coworker thought of using that tune.

Then we moved on to "West Side Story," another movie I hadn't seen in years and years. Both of these are pretty long movies, so they were perfect for killing off a rainy afternoon.

Between the rain, reading and films, I managed to sneak in a short walk for Olga -- who seemed pretty much content to sleep all day -- and some cleaning.

The Bleeding London folks apparently did meet up for photography yesterday, despite the rain. I admire their dedication but I decided early on that I was not going out in that weather. I have my limits!

(Photo: Laundry day in Alperton, on Saturday.)


  1. That rainy day of movies and books sounds like a dream to me.

    Your friend in the dried up state of California

  2. Sounds very cozy. Is that your laundry? It's a great back yard.

  3. I remember my parents took us to see The Music Man at the theater. They must have taken us to see West Side Story too since I remember seeing it in a theater as well. Already feeling fall? It's still hot here but we may be getting a break in the weather. and by that I mean low 90s instead of high 90s. and maybe some much needed rain.

  4. Ah- the cozy. Love it.
    Our weather has turned a bit and I am sure it will not be so for long. Summer hasn't left us yet by any means, but we who live here can feel the subtle difference.
    I want to see the video!

  5. "the first pinch of autumn" - what a great phrase.

    Will we be allowed to see the video? I would love that.

    Music man - great music, really weird plot.

    West Side Story - wow, what a movie. I mean the music and dancing. Maria and Tony have no chemistry whatsoever and I mean really, Natalie Wood as a Puerto Rican? C'mon. The music is so good, though, it doesn't matter, at least to me. The opening 10 minutes with the arial view of the west side ... wow! And the dance when Tony and Maria meet - wow and wow.

    Speaking of wow, your laundry picture is fabulous. They look like prayer flags.

  6. I haven't seen "The Music Man" in years and years however, this last weekend I did stay up late to watch "My Fair Lady". I was surprised to see that Jeremy Brett played the role of Freddie and I'm glad I saw his name in the opening credits because I never would have recognized him since I only know him from the Sherlock Holmes series. He was of course, much younger in the movie.
    I can't believe it's that cold in London right now.

  7. If I never went out in rainy dark cold weather I would never go out...pretty much. West Side Story totally a fave! As well as
    Three Penny Opera, the original. Music Man not so much probably because we had to sing every bloody song in high school chorus. Stay cozy!It is supposed to be a harsh winter...they say.

  8. Goodness me - they are committed (or insane!)

    Yesterday was certainly cosy. Work brought me back down to earth with a bump today.