Friday, August 22, 2014

Phillip Squared

More photography after work yesterday -- I walked a network of different streets between work and home, and got some pretty good shots. For Bleeding London, where the object is to photograph every street, I consider it a special bonus when I can get a shot that includes the street sign!

Otherwise, not much excitement. I am participating in the faculty/staff chorus at work, which performs just once a year at the opening assembly, and we had our first rehearsal yesterday. We're going to perform "Home" by Phillip Phillips, which I didn't think I knew until I heard it, and then I thought, "Oh yeah!" It's a simplistic little ditty and not very challenging, but it sure does stick in your head. I was singing it for hours after we rehearsed.

We have a mystery on our hands involving our bird feeders. The level of seed seemed to plummet just within the last few days. Yesterday morning I filled them up before work, and when I came home, fully 2/3 of one feeder had been emptied. Squirrels? Pigeons? We're thinking the latter, because we found several pigeon feathers around the base. The feeders are housed inside cages atop a pole, and I don't see how squirrels could get to them -- but pigeons probably could.

Oh well. I suppose they need to eat too.

(Photo: Mazenod Avenue, yesterday.)


  1. That's a great flower bed on the street. Pigeon feathers on the ground? Olga hasn't been standing guard has she?

    Ms Soup

  2. When our birds are hungry, they can empty the feeders every day. Maybe yours are filling up before winter, before they fly south.
    Or...pigeons. Yes.
    Fantastic shot!

  3. yah, birds can empty a feeder in a day. and particularly this time of year. although we do have squirrels that help that along. love the street shot.

  4. I fill my bird feeder completely full and it lasts about 5 hours total. I've watched and there is nothing getting to it but birds.....lots and lots of birds. Every time I fill it there is an avian feeding frenzy going on.

  5. Your chorus chose a very American sound to sing! Does it make you "home" sick? I agree with Ellen, of course, who could ever NOT? That birds are making a stash for winter. Our jays can go through a half of a five pound bag of peanuts in a morning!

  6. Yeah we fill our feeder (five cups!) every day...

    Love that song - and I didn't know you sang. VERY cool!