Saturday, August 2, 2014

Up to Jacksonville

We bought my dad a new computer -- an Apple laptop -- so he can sit at his preferred perch in the kitchen and stay in touch with the world. (He has a big desktop in his home office, but he doesn't like to have to go back to that part of the house and get out the keyboard and turn on all the computer components. Hence he only gets his email about once a month.)

I spent yesterday morning configuring the new computer -- migrating information from his PC, connecting his e-mail, that kind of thing. This proved to be a challenge considering he doesn't remember his passwords and usernames, and when asked presents a stack of well-worn bits of paper scribbled with various codes. But we finally got it figured out, more or less. I'll be back at his house at the end of next week to fine-tune things.

Meanwhile, I've traveled up to Jacksonville with my mom. I'm staying at my brother's, visiting with him, his wife and their two daughters. We got here yesterday afternoon, after a scenic 3.5-hour drive. I had to keep fighting the impulse to pull over and take pictures, but I told my mom that there are several places on the route that I really want to photograph, so we have to build an extra 45 minutes into our return trip! (My mom is one of those leadfoot travelers who doesn't like to stop for anything. I, on the other hand, enjoy a more meandering approach.)

(Photo: Climbing dayflower (Commelina diffusa) in my dad's lawn.)


  1. When we were driving back from Asheville yesterday, my friend Lis and I decided that one of these days we're going to take two weeks to make that trip and stop EVERYWHERE WE WANT!
    It will take two weeks.
    You're so close! In Florida and everything. Wow!

  2. Your dad is going to fall in love with his new mac laptop. Especially if he's been using a desktop PC.

  3. Mike & I are meanderers - to the point that we get annoyed with our own selves about how long it takes to get anywhere :)