Saturday, August 23, 2014

More of the Same

Work, photography, filling the bird feeder -- it's like the movie "Groundhog Day" around here. I am living the same events over and over.

Yesterday after work, when I could have gone to an afternoon social to kick off the school year, I instead snuck away because, frankly, it's been a long week with a lot of school-related business and I just needed some time to myself.

I went walking through Queen's Park and took care of 33 more streets for Bleeding London. What a haul! I'm skirting the edges of burnout, here. I'm starting to feel like I'm shooting the same things over and over -- doors, houses, cats, flowers, construction rubbish, random bicyclists. But then, when you're shooting street photography, that's what there is, right?

Today I'm planning to head back out toward Wembley to shoot another neglected area.

Oh, and thanks to my readers for their comments about the bird feeder. I had no idea birds could eat so much! I mean, I'd heard that they eat many times their body weight as they gear up for migration, but I didn't realize the sheer quantity of seed that would mean. I refilled the feeders again today, and I'm hoping that with me and/or Dave home for most of the day we'll identify the hungry culprit(s).

(Photo: West Hampstead, on Thursday evening.)


Ms. Moon said...

Birds don't eat like birds. They eat like stevedores. Ha!
Good morning from Lloyd where it does NOT look like London.

ellen abbott said...

we do have some squirrels that help to empty our feeders and one of the little bastards broke my teacup feeder again! haven't repaired it yet but the squirrel keeps checking to see if it's back up yet.

e said...

I've always wanted a bird feeder, but living in my situation, I have to ask, then worry about neighborhood cats...

Do you have the rights to the photos you're taking? Could there possibly be another book in the offing?