Friday, August 8, 2014

Out and About in Tampa

Yesterday I met up with my college friend Liz for breakfast and a drive. We went to a terrific old diner on Nebraska Avenue, the Three Coins, where I had pancakes -- and real American ones, not the skinny crepe-like European version. We stopped at a Salvation Army thrift store where I got two new shirts for work, one with original tags still attached. And we ran a few more errands before I dropped Liz back at her apartment and returned to my mom's for lunch.

It was good to see Liz, as usual, and even better to drive around North Tampa and stop whenever we saw something photo-worthy. We could not resist an opportunity for her to pose in front of the Liz Salon (top).

Ah, Tampa. The good old hometown.

Today I'm headed back to my dad's for the duration of my stay. I Skyped with Dave yesterday and he showed me some of what he's done with our garden back in England -- he's been working his behind off, poor guy. Things look great. I tried to say hi to Olga but she didn't respond much. To her ear I probably don't really sound like myself on Skype, and she certainly doesn't understand looking at a screen and what it represents. Poor mystified dog!


  1. "Hit me asshole I use your money"
    Great shots!
    I know that Dave and Olga miss you terribly.

  2. Hit me asshole, I use your money is Florida's middle name, along with personal injury attorney...

  3. Hit me asshole I use your money? I wonder what that means.

    Great pics.

  4. All your Florida photos have been sooo.. good.

    I'm amused by the idea that while you are in Florida you can source your own 'crowd' for placing in photos; e.g. taking Liz along for the ride.

    Ms Soup

  5. I love that the Christ is Risen reminder signs -- two of them -- are positioned directly behind the recycling garbage bin. You really couldn't have staged that any better --

  6. I love how Liz matches "her" establishment - it's like you guys planned it :)