Tuesday, November 18, 2014


We are getting things done around here.

I called and rescheduled delivery of our lawn mower. I told the couriers we really need a weekend delivery, and they said if I paid an extra £12 they'd come on Saturday. So I did, and they are. Supposedly. Stay tuned.

Then I got tickets to the IMAX showing of "Interstellar" last night. Dave has been talking about wanting to see it, and despite my recent grumbling about movie theaters, I got more intrigued the more I read about it. So we went, and it was mind-blowing. I'm sure you all know the basic plot -- the Earth is dying, so astronauts depart on a mission of exploration to find humanity another suitable home. It's a profoundly depressing premise, and the movie tackles all sorts of subjects we know little or nothing about first-hand, like traveling through wormholes and black holes, time travel and multidimensional existence. I was surprised by its similarity to "2001: A Space Odyssey," but it's faster-paced and without the Kubrickian coldness and stillness. I still think "2001" is a better movie, especially for its time, but "Interstellar" is more audience-friendly, with a good script and terrific effects. It left me feeling unsettled and almost scared about all we don't know.

Dave and I walked home from the tube with our heads spinning. He already wants to see it again.

(Photo: An apparently closed cafe in Neasden, on Sunday. Those poor plants!)


  1. How was Matthew? Did he do a good job with his role?

  2. I've been wondering about that movie. I hadn't yet talked to anyone who has seen it yet so my only insight has been with what critics say. It sounds like maybe I should get out there and see it.

  3. we plan to see it today before it leaves the big screen.

  4. I have heard raves about the movie! your review puts it on my list, though I do not like going to theaters unless there are cocktails involved.
    Re: your previous post about buying vs renting, it is kind of like living together vs marriage...marriage is more difficult to walk away from. When I am older I will probably prefer renting, less responsibility...

  5. I just can't bear to see that movie right now -- I'm not up for it.

  6. Ms Moon: I thought Matthew did a great job! We were talking about what a capable actor he turned out to be, much to everyone's surprise.

    Sharon: I'd say yes! Apparently not everyone loves it, but I did, anyway.

    Ellen: Definitely. It is a big-screen movie. In fact we saw it in IMAX which made a huge difference.

    Linda Sue: Cocktails always help! I think the buying v renting discussion is one we'll be having for a while. Real Estate is SO expensive here. I'm not sure we really want to pour all our savings into one asset.

    Elizabeth: Too much lacrosse? :) Seriously, I found it a good diversion. Although it's long it never felt like work (the way some long movies, including 2001, sometimes do).

  7. Something for everyone at Rose's Cafe - but apparently even that was not enough...

    Ms Soup