Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Yellow Trees

People often say that England doesn't get fall color, but that's just not true. We may not have brilliant red sugar maples, but we don't do too badly.

Today is a workday, but the kids are not in school and I only need to be there until noon. So this afternoon I hope to get out and do some photography, and then tomorrow Dave, Olga and I are off to the Cotswolds!

I called yesterday about our wayward lawn mower. The delivery company sent it back to the retailer. In fact, the man on the phone couldn't believe they charged me last week for Saturday delivery, because they put through the charge the day after the mower was returned. So I got that money back and Dave is going to call the retailer and try to arrange for redelivery. (Or a refund.) At this point I almost think it would be better to just get a sheep.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Dave-I know you are not in the US but anyway!!
    Enjoy your vacation

  2. if your lawn is small enough and it looks like it might be, just get a weed eater. you can carry that home from the store.

  3. The trees are gorgeous and the sheep just made me laugh out loud.
    Have a great time in the Cotswolds. That's a place I want to get to the next time I visit England.

  4. Remember the Billy Goats Gruff? The only downside is feeding them...

  5. Well you know we're all about the sheep in THIS house.

    Love the yellow tree...