Monday, January 26, 2015

Butterflies in Winter

When it's too cold for butterflies, it's nice to have some street art to remind us what summer is like! These are outside an art gallery and tattoo shop called "Monsters of Art" on Mill Lane, not far from our flat. I've been meaning to get a shot of them for a while. Olga and I pass them all the time on our walks.

She likes them too!

Yesterday was a day to stay around the house. I cleaned in the morning, and tried to empty the bird feeders of last year's remaining seed. One of them I got open and cleaned out -- it wasn't too congested anyway -- but the other one is old and rusted shut and it's so full of sprouting, rooting, rotting bird seed that I'm going to just throw the whole thing away and get a new one.

I took the dog up to the cemetery in the afternoon for a run. After my walking marathon on Saturday I just couldn't face trying to take her all the way over to the Heath.

I also organized my Bleeding London spreadsheets, and found that there are actually several more tiny, tiny streets in NW10 that I have missed. I'll pick them up on my last pass through the area, probably next weekend.

Dave and I watched "Auntie Mame," one of our perennial favorite movies, last night. We're so gay. Good grief.


  1. Your last two lines made me laugh out loud. I giggoled, too, at the photo of the back of Olga's head and the butterflies!

  2. Those butterflies are very well done. The way the artist used the shadows makes them pop out and look real. I think Olga agrees.
    I had the same reaction to your last remark as the two ladies above me. :-)

  3. Oh I love those butterflies! are they painted on or decals? whichever, nicely done.

  4. Olga's head is SO CUTE!!! I give it a kiss! Auntie Maimie afternoon it! the fish dance with the children I remember as being one of my all time faves. Speaking of fish, I am still feeding your goldies, I hope they have not been overfed by everyone else as well! I worry....

  5. I'm laughing too - so funny :)

    I'm glad SOMEONE's feeding the fish - I keep forgetting!

  6. Your dog has good taste...

  7. Love the butterflies!

    Be glad you are not in NYC right now. They are bracing for "possibly the worst blizzard" in their history. Maybe over 30+ inches. :)

  8. Auntie Mame is perfect when you are feeling down or just need a bit of nostalgia