Monday, January 5, 2015

Wintry Heath, with Parrots

Back to a chilly, misty Hampstead Heath yesterday. Olga didn't mind the wintry conditions at all. She had a terrific time. We were out for about three hours and she ran and ran.

I bumped into a coworker, Lindsey, who was out with her husband and her own dog. We went to Hampstead Heath with them a couple of years ago, before Dave and I moved within walking distance. For some reason now we never go together, though I do run into them from time to time. I like her and I should try to be friendlier. I've gotten so lazy about cultivating new friendships.

Olga and I also came across one of the countless flocks of feral parrots (or parakeets?) that chatter away in the London woods. They didn't seem to mind the wintry conditions either.

Dave, meanwhile, stayed home and saw a fox sniffing around in our back yard! He took a few blurry photos and a video -- it got very close to the house before jumping to the top of the back wall and slinking away to a neighboring property. Olga would have gone nuts seeing that!


  1. Love the parrots...who knew they could survive in London? Have you ever been to Regents Park? I thought of you and Olga when I saw that park as the backdrop of a mystery the other day...

  2. What gorgeous parrots! And a fox in the backyard. Wow! In Alexander McCall Smith's series with Isabele Dalhousie, set in Scotland, there is a backyard fox who is always referred to as "Brother Fox."
    He is one of the recurring characters.

  3. I love the parrots even if London seems an odd place to find them. Several years ago when I was in Washington DC in early December, I saw a fox roaming around near the National Gallery. It surprised me to see it in such a heavily populated area.

  4. no foxes here but we do get possums and raccoons. feral parrots. that made me laugh.