Tuesday, January 27, 2015

No Snow Here

I'm reading about the huge blizzard bearing down on the northeastern United States. Boy, do I remember those! And while I don't envy the snow, exactly, I do miss the excitement of a snow day. We almost never have snow days here. It doesn't take much snow to throw London into a tizzy, but we never get much snow, either. (I'm not sure we had any last winter -- and we definitely haven't had any this winter.)

Not to rub it in for my northeastern readers, but when I was cleaning the bird feeders on Sunday I was thinking about how spring-like the day felt. The bulbs are coming up, the sun was out, the bird bath was no longer frozen solid.

You watch -- we'll get slammed now.

It's hard to believe January is almost over! In my experience, the school year is very much a downhill coast from here. We have a couple of long breaks and several "bank holidays" and then, boom, it's June!

On the Bleeding London front, I finally bought a large London A-Z, the road atlas upon which the entire project is based. I had a small one but it didn't include outlying areas, and this one is much more comprehensive. Using it and Google Street View, I've determined that there are 22 more locations in NW10 that need a photo. Most of them are tiny slivers of streets about ten feet long, many with no street sign, so I couldn't have expected to see them otherwise. That's my project next weekend!

(Photo: Juliet's wig shop, in Harlesden.)


  1. we're having very springlike weather this week. it's going to confuse some things because it's only the end of January. my little ground orchids are easily fooled and quite often get frozen just when they start to bloom. maybe this year I'll actually get to see them bloom.

  2. Things are starting to bud here. We are all so damn confused.

  3. Global warming...the summer here will be impossible. Good luck with the Bleeding London conclusion...you always find the most interesting spots.

  4. Love that picture! And good luck on finishing up Bleeding London (well, at least that postal code!).