Tuesday, January 13, 2015


About the most exciting thing I did yesterday was buy shoelaces. I know that doesn't sound like much, but the shoelaces in my shoes were unraveling and they've been driving me crazy for a while. I located a shoe repair shop near school and walked over at lunch, and now that's done. Taking care of even a minor little problem like that makes such a difference.

My next mission is to go buy some socks. My socks literally have holes in them. When I was going through security at the airport on the way back from Michigan I became aware how terrible they looked. So I've been throwing them out as I wear them (the holey ones, anyway) and I need some replacements.

Don't I lead an exciting life?

Last night, Dave and I watched an old episode of "The Streets of San Francisco" featuring Celeste Holm. It made me remember the time she sat in front of me at a theater in New York. I didn't realize (or had forgotten) that she died a couple of years ago. One of my few random brushes with celebrity!

(Photo: Haringey, North London, on Sunday.)


  1. New socks and shoelaces can be downright exciting. In my world, at least.

  2. You beat me, the most exciting thing I did was put gas in the car.

  3. I used to buy Reeboks and then didn't. It was many years and then I bought some more and remembered why I quit buying them. They have the worst shoelaces that will not stay tied! When I wear them I am constantly retying the laces. I know. simple remedy, buy new laces which I plan to do. some day.

  4. LOL at utahDOG :) Mike has a habit of wearing his socks until they disintegrate - I should just start tossing them when I do the laundry.