Saturday, October 24, 2015

Library Pictures

The past two days we've had very little activity in the library. Classes were suspended for parent-teacher conferences, so the kids haven't been around, for the most part. (Dave, on the other hand, was crazy busy meeting with the parents of all his band students.)

I got so bored late yesterday afternoon that I wandered around the library with my camera.

I have a rubber bat hanging over my desk for Halloween. He used to be round as a football and full of air, but somehow he got deflated in the storage cabinet over the past year.

Our poor, neglected library cactus is about to burst into bloom again. Apparently it enjoys neglect!

Olga and I often pass the Banister Fletcher family tomb in Hampstead Cemetery when we go walking. He's known for writing this architectural tome, a standard reference work, which I've never seen anyone check out.

A chorus of student art.

It's amazing how many photography opportunities can be found within a fairly confined space!


e said...

Yes, and you managed to find most of them...the art looks fun, as does your bat.

The Bug said...

Love the bat - and those colorful bears!

Sharon said...

Fantastic. I loved the little tour around your working environment.

Linda Sue said...

Architecture book has so many re-purposing possibilities, the bat and the reflected lights in the trees are awesomely arty!

Joanne said...

I loved the student art but that blooming neglected cactus is awesome!!

jenny_o said...

To a trained eye, art is all around. Those bears are fantastic.