Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Reading Our Fortunes

Dave and I got some take-away Chinese food last week, after a particularly trying workday. As usual, the meal came with complimentary fortune cookies. Now, normally -- and this may be a terrible confession -- I throw away fortune cookies unopened. The cookies are always awful and I just can't be bothered. But this time I opened them, fed the cookie parts to Olga, and read our fortunes.

This was Dave's:

So the rest of him may shrivel and deteriorate, but at least he'll have one good hand.

And this was mine:

It's not really a fortune, but it would make my family members laugh. My brother complains about how I "always have to be doing something" or going somewhere. He blames coffee. It's true that I am not particularly good at sitting around, but I only have three cups of coffee a day, which seems perfectly reasonable to me.

Anyway, let's revisit some older news.

-- I decided not to repair our squirrel feeder. I just pour the food in the top hatch and let it spill out the side onto the platform. It still holds the food well enough and the squirrels still love it.

-- After numerous blossoms, we finally cut the flower stalk off our venus flytrap. It apparently drains a lot of energy from the plant, and indeed, ours is looking pretty sad. There are a few tiny new leaves coming up, though, so maybe it will pull through.

-- On Sunday morning, as I was cleaning out my camera bag before my outing to Tottenham, I realized some coins had slipped behind the lining. They were rattling around inside the bag's inner walls. I found a tiny tear in the lining and made it larger to get to the coins, and out came £2.25 and the keys to my luggage lock, which I thought I'd lost on my last trip to Florida. Woo hoo! I knew I'd put those keys in my camera bag. (Fortunately the suitcase itself wasn't locked at the time, so I could still get to my clothes.)

(Photo: A street in Marylebone, last June.)


Mwa said...

I want takeaway Chinese now. I may suggest it - not takeaway then - for our date tomorrow.

Ms. Moon said...

Ah- it's like your camera case gave you a present.
And quite frankly, that fortune DOES describe you!

ellen abbott said...

I remember when fortune cookies still had fortunes. now they are just platitudes. I also have a hard time just sitting or doing nothing and when I do, I feel guilty. And I only have two cups of coffee a day.

Sharon said...

Those are great "fortunes". Better than the ones I usually see.

On a completely different note, I'd love to know the correct pronunciation of "Marylebone".

e said...

The last fortune I had from a Chinese meal said I would be rich and famous...Still waiting on that one, LOL!

jenny_o said...

I always found the fortunes dull until someone told me the right way to read them was to add "in bed" at the end. Now they are all hilarious.

utahDOG! said...

No caffeine for three months for me. I feel much better for it.

The Bug said...

Jenny O - adding that to these makes them particularly hilarious :)