Monday, October 12, 2015

Mushrooms and Obligations

It's definitely mushroom season -- I've been seeing tons of them in the woods, sprouting from all manner of leaf litter and old logs. Nothing quite as dramatic as that big red one I saw a few weeks ago, though.

Olga and I were back at the Heath yesterday. I didn't take the camera this time and I must admit it was nice not having to lug it around. It's healthy, sometimes, to just walk and look and experience, without expectation or purpose. You know? The weather was much nicer than Saturday -- blue sky, sunshine, cool but pleasant temperatures. We did not lose the Kong.

I'm having guilt about what to do with Olga while we're in Lisbon for Thanksgiving and, more importantly, in Florida around Christmas. We've arranged with the daughter of a friend to watch Olga in November, and that's for just a few days, so I don't expect a problem there. But we have no one to watch her over Christmas. I sort of left that in Dave's camp but he's just been too busy, so I need to get that ironed out. And we need someone reliable, given that we'll be gone two weeks. I wish our dog-walkers could do it, but apparently that's not a service they provide.

I also need to call about the food for the wedding party. I am going to do that today, I swear.



Mwa said...

I love your photos so I'm glad you often take your camera, but I do know what you mean. Taking pictures you are always one step removed. That's why I often don't take photos of the most precious moments or parties or whatever, because you step back and make it a memory already while it is happening. Still, I love your photos. :-)

37paddington said...

Could your dog walkers recommend someone who does provide that service or are you looking for a home you already know?

Ms. Moon said...

I dreamed last night that I was in Cozumel and had left my children with someone I didn't trust.
I felt terrible.

ellen abbott said...

love the picture of the mushrooms. I was going to say I thought you had a kennel that you took Olga to when you traveled but then I seemed to remember you were unhappy with them last time.

jenny_o said...

Animal care is a huge worry for responsible owners. I hope you find someone good so you can enjoy your Christmas trip.

I've wondered if carrying a (good) camera becomes a physical burden. I know the few times we took our old 35mm camera on vacation I didn't enjoy it :) Much easier to take the tiny digital but the pictures aren't nearly as good.