Thursday, October 1, 2015


When I was with my friend Sue in Florida last month, we went to several yard sales near Anna Maria Island. At one of them I found this little handmade pottery candle holder. It was being sold by a tired-looking older couple in a mobile home park in the old fishing village of Cortez.

The candle holder is signed on the bottom, "Love Cheri & Debbie 2002." The woman who sold it said to me, "They give me so much, I just can't keep it all."

She had sort of a pathetic little yard sale, so, feeling sorry for her, I bought the candle holder for $2.

I liked it, but I seriously debated giving it away before I left Florida. It seemed silly to lug it all the way back to England -- especially with such a patently Floridian motif. But in the end I stashed it in my suitcase.

Finally, on Tuesday, I stopped by the hardware store on my way home from work and bought some candles so I could see what it looks like when lit.

Not bad, right? It's like a crazy dream, or maybe a nightmare, of flickering fins and tails! I'm really glad I brought it home. I dig it. Thanks, Cheri and Debbie, whoever you are!

In other news, I forgot to mention that I saw the lunar eclipse a few nights ago. I knew we were supposed to have a so-called "super blood moon," but when I got up in the wee hours of the morning and looked out the window, I wasn't really thinking about that. And what I saw didn't look like a blood moon -- it looked like a bright white cookie with a bite taken out of it. I thought, "Well, that looks odd," but I was half asleep. I didn't put two and two together and realize what I'd seen until the next morning. Hence, no picture. Sorry about that!


  1. Oh! It's so lovely when lit! Dancing dolphins on the wall. Love it. What a find.

  2. Okay. That's a pretty darn cool candle holder.
    And don't worry. I think someone somewhere took a picture of the eclipse.

  3. Did not see a thing here, too many clouds...As for this piece of Floridiana, cute...

  4. The shadows made by that candle holder are great. What a cute find. I tried to photograph the last blood moon with very poor results so I didn't even try this time. I saw plenty of shots of it on Flickr so I feel like I've seen it.

  5. The candle holder is terrific. It spoke to you!

  6. I love the candle holder! I would probably burn candles all the time, but I'm kind of absent-minded & tend to forget about them. Makes Mike nervous :)