Saturday, November 7, 2015

Apple Season

What a week! Good grief. It's not even like I was dramatically or unusually busy -- except for Thursday, things were pretty normal. Just the churn of routine, but somehow taxing.

I am so happy it's Saturday, although my relaxation never really begins until I finish French class. And I have a bit of added pressure this week -- I haven't done my homework yet, so I have to do that within the next hour before I get ready to go.

When I was in school I always did my homework at the last possible minute, too. Some things never change.

One achievement: I finally got the catering finalized for our wedding party in December. I'd been trying and trying to e-mail the caterers and I'd received no response, so I finally picked up the phone and called. Now we're paid and everything is set. They even bring cutlery, plates and napkins! Woo hoo!

Now I have to do the same for the beverages. Again, I have a contact, courtesy of my friend Sue, but he hasn't written back so I'll have to call. (I'm calling from work, because we don't have an international phone plan, which is a long story -- but anyway hopefully it won't get me in trouble!)

The apples have been falling for a while around here. We had vague plans to make a pie or tart with the ones from our tiny tree, but when we finally tasted one it was disappointing, to put it mildly. Very starchy and bland. We left them for the squirrels, and as if in gratitude, a squirrel made a big show on Wednesday morning of lugging a whole apple across the grass, dragging it up a fence and eating it atop the fence post.

The apples above come from a tree down the street. They fall on the pavement and someone picks them up and piles them atop this garden wall. I'm not sure for what purpose. Maybe just to get them out of the way.

And finally, right after I wrote the other day about the dilemma of transgender bathrooms, I found this article in the Times illustrating the many ways that some establishments have implemented all-gender bathrooms. Which still seems like the best solution to me.

(Top photo: A frog at the home of our neighbor with the eccentric garden decorations.)


  1. did you know that apples don't reproduce true to the parent tree? theoretically, every apple seed can produce a different apple. the cultivars we like are reproduced by grafting or cloning. in the past, most apples were used for cider or applesauce.

  2. Oh my. Well, my son-in-law is right now in the garage cleaning a deer he shot this morning and I hear that later on in the day when Lily and Jessie and the boys all come out, we may be PROCESSING the apples that Jessie and Vergil brought back from NC.
    What? When did I become a damn Mormon?
    Actually, it'll be lovely. I guess. And wild. I know.
    Get some relaxing in this weekend, dear Steve! You have accomplished a great deal this week!

  3. I think you should have still used your apples to make a pie or apple crumble with a little sugar and/or honey. I am confident that it would have been perfectly fine and tasty. Starchy apple? I have never heard of such a thing!

  4. Some weeks are just more taxing than others. I was a last minute homework doer too, though strangely I'm not a last minute jobber. The trick of course is knowing when the last minute is. Wait beyond that and the work doesn't get finished.

  5. I like the frog! It does look like someone just splotted some concrete down and set him in it to dry, though, doesn't it?