Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sneakers and Furry Creatures

Sorry about not including the Tashelhait video yesterday. That was kind of a bait-and-switch, I know. I think I may record a new, shorter one, because the last one is a bit too hesitant and rambling -- so if I do and it isn't embarrassing, I'll link it here. I promise.

Once again, I have been on a getting things done rampage. I called a liquor store in Tampa and ordered the beer and wine for our wedding party: 15 bottles of Sauvignon Blanc, about the same amount of bubbly and two small kegs of ale (different kinds, one local). Now, with the food and drinks taken care of, I feel like the big hurdles have been jumped!

Also, we've had two pairs of khaki pants lying on the table in the foyer for a couple of weeks. Dave ordered them and didn't like the way they fit, so they were in limbo, waiting to be returned. I grabbed them on Monday night and said, somewhat over-assertively, "OK, we're sending these back. Now is the time." We printed the mailing label and taped up the package and they are now on their way, and out of our lives.

Finally, last night I decided it was once again time to check the garden cam. So I retrieved the camera and then couldn't find the USB cable to connect it to my computer. We looked everywhere. We thought it might have been accidentally thrown away, so we even retrieved our latest bag of garbage from the can in the alley and went through it. No cable. Turns out, though, that the cable for my regular camera also fits the garden cam. Whew!

We downloaded the pictures, and check it out:

We finally got some nice pictures of the foxes!

How we did this is pretty funny. About a week ago, we noticed that an old pair of Dave's sneakers -- which we'd set outside for temporary storage, for olfactory reasons -- had been moved from the side of the house up to the lawn. We immediately assumed the foxes had done it.

So we set the sneakers out in the grass, within view of the camera.

(I'm not sure why we get these color variations in the photos. Maybe it has something to do with the weather and the time of day.)

Sure enough, Dave's shoes make great fox bait. In fact, the fox above seems intent on trying to carry one of them away!

(Top photo: Another bit of furry wildlife in West Hampstead, several weeks ago.)


  1. At last!! Success with the garden cam.

    Ms Soup

  2. I have popped across from Ms Moon where I have noticed your regular and charming comments. This is a lovely post. Not only have I learnt there is to be a wedding soon (Hearty Congratulations to you and Dave!), but seeing your visiting foxes has been a real treat. Whoever would have thought a pongy pair of sneakers would win them over.

  3. Living in England you need to get along with the locals Steve and adapt your language accordingly. So Dave did not have some khaki "pants" to return! They were khaki trousers! Pants are undergarments. On a separate note, always look over your shoulder when walking through West Hampstead with Dave as there may well be a gang of horny foxes behind you with their noses sniffing the air. It could turn out badly for Dave.

  4. Time for Dave to get new sneakers.
    What a beautiful fox!

  5. The photos of the foxes are great. I never would have thought that sneakers would be a draw. I'm still amazed that you have foxes roaming around and such and urban area.

  6. Yay, success! I left the old and run down shoes I use when I use the shovel outside. The next morning there was only one. I never did find the other one.

  7. Thank you, this made my day! Your fox are so adorable- panda is pretty cute too.Your party is sounding more and more like so much effort, glad you will have enough alcohol, as though folks will not be happy enough! They are sure to be triple happy!

  8. Oh yay - great fox captures! I love that next-to-last photo - that fox is saying, "Oh no you didn't!" :)

  9. Haha - who knew a fox would react like that to the sneakers! Our cats love to roll around on visitors' stinky shoes, though. Must be an inSTINCtive thing ...

    Doesn't it feel great to get stuff done that has been dragging on? I can go for days fueled by that feeling!

  10. Congrats on punching through your to do list and on finally catching the foxes'

  11. Ms Soup: At last!

    Desiree: Thanks for stopping by, and for the congrats!

    York Pud: How do you know they weren't khaki PANTS?

    Ms Moon: Absolutely. Those are the sneakers of death.

    Sharon: The sneaker fetish was a surprise to us too!

    Ellen: Ha! You're a victim of thieving wildlife, for sure!

    Linda Sue: I think most of the effort is past, at this point. Hopefully.

    Bug: I wonder if he heard the camera? It's nearly silent, but he probably has very good ears.

    Jenny-O: Yeah, I love getting stuff done. Such a relief.

    37P: Thanks! Maybe if you put out a camera you'd catch a coyote!