Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Olga Departs, and a Feeder Update

I had the craziest day yesterday. I guess everyone was getting books to read over the Thanksgiving holiday, because the desk was constantly busy. On top of that I had to help supervise and find books for two classes simultaneously while my coworkers were in meetings -- including one boy who'd been assigned to read a biography and was being somewhat stubborn about the subject. (A footballer, preferably Ronaldinho, and not an American footballer and certainly not a baseball player, all within a rather narrow window of reading level.)

Fortunately, today will be much easier, because we don't have kids in school. It's a professional development day. Which means I will be re-shelving books.

First, though, the dog-boarding folks are coming to collect Olga and take her to their spa resort in the countryside, where for the next four days she will no doubt receive Swedish massage and steam facials complete with cucumbers over her eyes, her ears done up in a towel. At least that's my assumption, based on the price.

Yes, I still feel guilty. But with her gone, Dave and I can focus after work on getting ready for Lisbon before flying out early tomorrow. (And we have dinner plans tonight.)

As you can see, our squirrel feeder has become more of a pigeon feeder, especially now that the squirrels have knocked out the protective little plastic window in front. I wonder what our neighbors think of this development, since the pigeons tend to sit on their balcony railing upstairs.

The squirrels, not content to relinquish such a reliable food source, periodically come and chase away the pigeon hordes, a process that involves a lot of insane wing-flapping.

The big Eurasian blue jays also come around almost every morning. I've seen them pop an entire peanut (in the shell!) into their gullet and hold another in their beak and fly away.

(Top photo: Flags of Tunisia, Palestine and Saudi Arabia in Cricklewood, on Sunday.)


  1. That's a wild looking bird! Safe travels, dear Steve!

  2. Have a great time in Lisbon - I saw the movie Night Train to Lisbon and then wanted to see the city - this will not happen.

    I will look at the Berber video again and find my water error and replace it with milk!

    Ms Soup

  3. Have a wonderful time! Love the sloth, too.

  4. Oh my gosh, your description of the dog spa made me laugh out loud. Have a wonderful time in Lisbon. I have a blogging friend who lives there and he posts gorgeous photos from that city. It seems like a beautiful place.

  5. I smiled at the thought of Olga's ears wrapped up in a towel! Have an excellent trip :)

  6. Best wishes for a fabulous trip.
    And once they hand out the steamed towels, Olga will forget your very existence.