Thursday, November 12, 2015

Getting Things Done

OK, I called the drinks guy in Tampa for our party in December. I e-mailed him a statement of what we need -- 67 bottles of beer and 14 bottles of wine, according to an oddly precise online drinks calculator, plus bubbly for 40 people. He's supposed to get back to me with an invoice.

So we've made progress.

I've also been trying to think of all the other things that have been nagging at me. Like the fact that the dividends for my New York Times stock (paltry as they are) have been coming in quarterly checks to my mom's house. It's silly for my mom to have to go to the bank each quarter to deposit a $3.20 paper check. Besides, she's moving! So I registered online with the company that manages the stock account and set up direct deposit, as well as paperless document delivery, which -- I know -- I should have done years ago.

I renewed my Royal Photographic Society membership, which was about to expire. I did my French homework. I sorted all the coins in our coin bowl and deposited them in the bank -- £62 worth. (The British don't roll coins like we do in America. Instead they put them in special little baggies. Just FYI.)

Dave and I tried to reserve a rental car for our Christmas trip to Florida but we were presented with the staggering price of $850!! So we may have to rethink that one. I bet we could take cabs everywhere and not spend that much money.

In any case, I am getting things done. The funny thing about to-do lists, though, is that they keep expanding, pouring forth like ticker tape.

(Photo: Pavement markings in Tottenham, early October.)


  1. An online drinks calculator? How does that work?

    I'm thinking all this activity has a link to the leaf-raking animation and less to do with 3 am wakefulness; but hey! Whatever works is good enough.

    AND You've done your French homework....

    Ms Soup

  2. So difficult to get things done from afar. You are such a grown up about doing all the right things! I admire that ( especially as I am unable to adult) That is a hefty price for a rental car! Mr. Man crashed his car again , rented from some cheapo outfit at the airport, got an upgrade because they were all out of economy cars, very cheap, Alamo, I think it was. Forty people sounds just right, cozy and not too crazy! Time is flying by, isn't it? Right around the corner!

  3. You are getting it done, my man! Good for you! Wow! This is all really happening, isn't it?

  4. You've been busy! Was that car rental quote from an airport location? Try a local outlet and see if you get a lower price. I notice here in Phoenix that if you rent a car from Budget or any other agency at the airport it's nearly twice the amount of any of the city locations. However, it could be just seasonal. Rental cars are always more expensive in the sunshine states especially around the holidays. Even Uber has raised their prices for the season.

  5. car rentals are outrageous these days. back when my niece got married in Tempe AZ, a car rental place had a weekend special with unlimited milage. we rented a Lincoln Continental on Friday, threw the kids in, drove straight to Tempe, went to the wedding, drove back and returned the car on Monday. when they checked the milage, the clerk was shocked, 'this must be a mistake'. no, that's probably right I told her. she didn't question me further and I didn't offer any explanation and they did not charge us more but I bet that was the last time they did that.

  6. Ugh - I'm avoiding my to-do list quite successfully (it has stuff like "dust" and "clean microwave" on it because if I don't put those on the list they never get done).

  7. A cab from my house to USF is $25 each way and up, depending on traffic and lights, etc, so hardly cheap...I will need to figure out getting to the party, that's on my to-do list, along with other things unmentionable here...At least things are getting is the holiday season, so that's probably the reason for the pricing, especially at airports.

  8. Congrats on getting items checked off your list! I sure do know about that ever expanding to do list scrolling obsessively through ones brain. I'm in that place now myself. Hard to keep everything in sight. I keep feeling as if I'm forgetting to write down something. Can't wait to see your wedding pictures!

  9. I'm getting excited about the wedding, too. And maybe Uber will be more economical?