Thursday, July 21, 2016

Armchair Traveler

As I've written before, every once in a while I get curious about a remote corner of the world, and I do some exploring on Google Street View. I just run up and down a few streets on my computer to see what the place looks like. Occasionally I get lucky and turn up pretty interesting images. Here are some of my recent favorites, all courtesy of Google.

Above is Archangelsk, Russia, on the White Sea north of Moscow.

Camden, New Jersey

Santa Barbara in the Azores, a tiny island group in the Atlantic

Vientiane, Laos

Sofia, Bulgaria

Perth, Western Australia

Lagos, Nigeria -- Ghostly figures sometimes appear when someone walks through the frame during the making of a 350-degree panoramic photo.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Henderson Island, an uninhabited speck in the Pacific (but not devoid of plastic!)

And finally, Vina del Mar, Chile

It just goes to show that great photo opportunities are all around us all the time -- even a completely unskilled robot camera gets a good capture now and then!


  1. Wow, all very interesting...Have a great day!

  2. Whoa! I have been to Vina del Mar, Chile but I didn't see that dawg. I also peruse Street View like this Steve and I enjoyed this post - especially the ghost man in Lagos. Nice one old chap.

  3. These are all so very interesting. I love that very first one in Russia. I don't explore with Google Street View enough. I have looked when trying to get the lay of the land somewhere I'm going to visit or when looking for hotels or other sites in a city but, not to just explore. So, I just did a search for Colonia Del Sacramento Uruguay, a place I enjoyed visiting a few years ago and I even found one of my favorite streets in that city. It was fun. What I can't figure out is how you saved the images so you could post them.

  4. I've never done that but what a cool way to see other places.

  5. Well that will satisfy some of your curiosity. Views like this are getting more common and better all the time.

  6. I've never checked out street view except with a specific travel purpose in mind - wow, the possibilities! I love that the camera caught the dog lounging.

  7. Like everyone else, I just checked out places I was traveling. Have not thought of it as a photo opportunity. Great fun

  8. Sharon: To save the image, I just do a screen capture (command shift 3 on an Apple) and then crop the resulting pic. Try it! Taking a screen cap is harder on a Windows machine, in my experience, but still possible. To post them, I imported them into Lightroom, converted them to JPG and downsized them.

  9. On a Windows machine hit Alt + PrtScr & that will capture the window that's on top. But getting it into a JPG is trickier. Last night I just put the image in a word doc & took a picture of it with my phone. NOT ideal :)