Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sultry Day, with Drummers

I took Olga to Hampstead Heath yesterday. The sun was out and the weather was balmy. As I sat on a bench she lolled nearby in the tall grass, wearing a huge panting smile for all to see.

"That dog is loving life," said a man who walked by and took her photo with his iPhone.

He's right!

During our walk I found lots of ragwort, which I know to look for now that we have a very tall example in our own garden. Remember how I mentioned it is the favorite food of the cinnabar moth caterpillar? Well, our ragwort is still caterpillar-free -- but I found some caterpillars on ragwort on the Heath. A new generation of moths is on its way!

The cinnabar moth is beautiful, by the way. Hopefully one of these days I'll see an adult.

As we walked, I heard drumming. It sounded like a drum circle, so I decided to follow the sound, just out of curiosity. I expected to find a big group of colorfully garbed hippies. Well, we walked and walked, practically all the way across the Heath, before I located the source -- these guys! I can't believe just two people were producing so much rhythm!

When I got up this morning, I once again found our venus flytrap ravaged on the lawn. I put it back in its pot, but I'm not sure how much that poor plant can take. I moved it inside.


  1. More happy adventures on the heath...As long as your dog's that happy, life is good!

  2. Dave's okay but Olga needs her daddy.

  3. Hey, I thought Hippies died out a long, long time ago. The one guy has beads. However , you did make an interesting discovery.

  4. I can't imagine what animal would be drawn by the venus fly trap. How strange.

  5. yep, big smile on that dog and how weird that something has it in for your venus fly trap.

  6. That moth IS beautiful - and ragwort is something that's common here everywhere and I never knew its name. Apparently it is also called stinkin' willie, which I heard my father use often but for a completely differently plant. Oh, the things you think you know and then find out you didn't know at all :)

    I LOVE that photo of Olga! She is more smile than anything else!

  7. Put that camera out again and catch the venus fly trap mauler.