Sunday, July 3, 2016

Small World

Yesterday was, for the most part, beautiful and sunny -- so Olga and I went to the Heath. We found a fallen leaf with pond-ripple patterns...

...and some clumps of heather.

We also found lots of insects, including a ladybug on a thistle...

...and a stink bug on some dock, which is about the hardest weed to pull I've ever found...

...and a green, shiny, David Bowie-looking bug on another thistle.

On the way home, I saw a piece of glass buried in the mud of the path with the letters "TRACT" on the side. I dug it out, thinking it might be part of an old bottle of "extract," or a pharmaceutical of some kind -- and indeed, the bottom is dated 1846! You know how I often find bits of old broken china on Hampstead Heath. I think parts of it must have been a dumping ground long ago, or perhaps debris was used to pave the Heath's walking paths.

I had my final French class of the term yesterday. (There's one more next weekend, but since I'll be in Florida, I'm going to miss it.) No more fran├žais until the fall!


  1. I think perhaps archeology is your road not traveled. You have a natural instinct for it. Even some your photography could be seen as a kind of cultural excavation and preservation of a place and time. Fascinating the things you find. 1846! Wow.

  2. Did you breathe a sigh of relief when you left your French class?
    I love that lady bug.

  3. You found lots of color in a small world.

  4. You have an eye for the smallest or most unusual details. Paddington may just be right about your instinct for archeology.

  5. Love the close-ups - you've caught some excellent miniature things! The leaf was my favourite. And the old glass was a neat find. Were you the kind of kid who always spotted lost coins at the store or on the ground? (our son was) :)

  6. I love all these macro photos today!