Friday, July 15, 2016

Macclenny and South

I drove back to Tampa from Jacksonville yesterday. Again, I took a slightly longer scenic route, through the town of Macclenny -- where I'd never been -- and south through Archer and Newberry to U.S. 41.

When I stopped to photograph this vegetable stand, I first opted to buy a few in order to curry favor with the owner. He was a harried older guy with no teeth, and I forked over $7 for a big cantaloupe and a box of tomatoes. When I asked for a picture of the stand, he couldn't have been less interested. A few minutes later I showed him the result. "Great," he said, unenthusiastically.

I came across this farm where the buildings seemed to be made almost entirely of windows.

Someone appeared to have been reading the Bible by the side of the road, having a coffee, moments before I passed.

In Dunnellon, I found the Blues Brothers performing outside a motel.

Anybody want a pink elephant with demonic light-bulb eyes?

As I said the other day, I do love a good road trip. I got back to Tampa about 3 p.m. and dropped off my stuff at my dad's before having dinner with two friends from college. (My traditional dose of Cuban food -- chicken and yellow rice with black beans!) It was a long day of driving, but fun.


  1. Great photos! Florida is such a crazy mix...

  2. The Lord is My Shepard. Shouldn't that be Shepherd? In my case... The Lord is my Goatherd...or maybe my Zookeeper...Warden? Loved that elephant picture.

    For your interest please go to:-

  3. Great pictures! That part of the state is one of the oddest if you ask me.
    Here's another odd thing- I did not see chicken and rice on any menu in Cuba and only saw black beans and rice once. "Christianos y moro's" I think it was called.

  4. What an assortment of unusual finds! That pink elephant is a true oddity.

  5. You find the greatest stuff - great eyes! That eagle is impressive.

  6. It was a long day but you had some very interesting stops. You picked out some very quirky displays along the road.

  7. Floridacana! Makes me want to go find the crazy in Ohio. Bet it can't compete though.

  8. Your photos of Florida are always a treat!

    The elephant made me laugh out loud, it's really freaky.


  9. You find the quirkiest roadside arcana in your home state! You must have quite a collection by now. Another book?

  10. That's some A+ Americana! Love the first photo especially.