Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dad Update, and Trent Park

Thanks for all your good wishes on my post yesterday. My dad is now off the ventilator and is apparently conscious, at least partly. His blood pressure and blood oxygen are good, according to my brother. So this is encouraging.

My approach is to assume that all will be well until there's reason to believe it won't be. I think that's sensible. We're moving forward.

Yesterday I went to Trent Park, near Enfield, with a group from the Royal Photographic Society. Remember Bleeding London, the project I worked on in 2014-2015 to photograph every street in London? Well, this year's local RPS project is called Breathing London, and it's focused on photographing the city's parks and open spaces. I hadn't participated at all until Tuesday, when I finally registered. (The project has been going on for months. I'm a little late!)

I first went to Trent Park in January 2012, about six months after Dave and I moved to London. I hadn't been back since, though, so it was fun to go again and do some more exploring.

As you can see, the ducks love Trent Park!

I met up with six other RPS photographers, and we wandered for a couple hours, taking photos of the yellow ragwort and purple thistles in the fields, the hilly landscape, the immense trees and the ponds. At one point we got off the trail and wandered across fallow farmland and through a forest -- but the good thing is, in such a confined area, you can't stay lost for long. We found the road again and made our way to the cafe for, in my case, coffee and an egg salad sandwich. Then I had to zip home to Skype with my brother.

Last night I uploaded my new pictures to the Breathing London web site. So I'm back on board with an RPS project!


  1. I'm wishing the best for your dad and family. Sorry to hear of this turn of events.

  2. Did the Bleeding London project contain lots of pictures of smirking bankers and property developers?

    Fingers crossed for your father... and for your trip to Denmark.

  3. Oh, Steve! What another great project and right up your alley!
    So good to hear the news about your father.
    Love from Lloyd...

  4. This sounds like a great project. I actually looked at some Google maps of the big major parks in London and found some things located on the maps that I have no memory of ever seeing. I may have to spend one day tolling the parks.

  5. good news about your dad. so now you have another focus for your camera walks.

  6. I love when you have projects. And that reminds me of my plan to try to walk in every park in my county. I think I stopped after the third one because the walking trail was so badly maintained. I need to get back to it - just because one was bad doesn't mean the others would be!

  7. Topics for photography certainly make you look at things. the ducks made me think what? Yes they fit the topic.

  8. A very sensible approach - enjoy your trip! Looking forward to your photos for this new project.