Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hot and Sunny

We are having quite a little heat wave. Yesterday's skies were sunny and temperatures reached 91º F, which is pretty impressive for London. I seized the moment and took our blankets to the laundromat, then brought them home and hung them outside to dry -- which they did in no time.

(Still, it's not Florida. It's not THAT hot.)

I also bathed the dog, and I arranged to have our living room rug cleaned. We bought it in January 2012, soon after moving here, and although it's a dark plum color and dirt isn't easily visible, I know it's there. It's starting to smell a bit earthy. So the cleaners are going to pick it up today and, for £55, clean and return it to us in a week.

Did I mention that I've put together a new photo book? It contains the best of my pictures from 2013 (the date of my last London book) to 2015, and it's my biggest book yet. (Those were busy years, with all that Bleeding London photography!) I made an inexpensive e-book version, too. Check it out here and here, if you're interested. You can preview it by clicking on the covers. I'm happy with the way it turned out and I plan to order a copy for our school library, where the kids seem to have enjoyed my two previous London books.

Also, remember how I rescued those slides from my neighbor's trash? Well, I came across a similar story in The New York Times the other day -- by a woman who found a bag of slides on the sidewalk, and investigated whose they were and how they came to be there. It's an interesting video clip! You can check it out here.

(Photo: Notting Hill, on Monday.)


  1. Aren't those online photo book facilities brilliant?
    By the way, what does the G. in Steven G. Reed stand for? I am thinking Gustav, Greymalkin or perhaps Godfrey?

  2. No Mr. Pud, I know and I'm not telling...

    Look forward to the new book and I hope the rug gets nicely cleaned...

  3. Well, that union jack house front is certainly striking.
    Your pictures always are, just so you know.

    Thanks for that link to the video in the NYT. It strikes a cord as I watch my man carefully scanning older and older images from slides and negatives and filing them on an external hard disc for - well, who exactly would be interested?

    But the again, last weekend I found a box of pictures from my grandparent's childhood days at the turn of the century (19th to 20th) in my father's house and suddenly everybody in my family wants to see them and is expecting me to name and date and sort them as detailed as possible.

    Mind you, they are all mostly interested in the pictures of people, not in the scenery, sights and nature ones. So, what does that imply for our stacks of carefully digitalised pictures of the magnificent sights we encountered when travelling the globe?

  4. I just booked my tickets for my September trip to London so I'm hoping some of that warm and sunny weather will repeat itself while I'm there. I'll bring a raincoat and umbrella nevertheless. I love the book. I get emails from Blurb all the time and have yet to use them to create a book. I really need to do that. When Kodak was still in business I used them to create really nice, glossy photo books but I haven't done it since they closed that service down.

  5. it's overcast and rumbly out there or it would be in the high 90s here. I think I heard on the radio yesterday that last June was the hottest June on record, as were the previous 14 months that broke records.

  6. 91 F is just too hot no matter where you are.

  7. Getting the blankets and rug and dog clean - those all sound like good sunny-weather jobs!

  8. I almost sent you that NY Times piece and thought of you instantly when I read it! I so look forward to your book -- thanks for the links!