Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Crocus in the Driveway

As I was walking Olga yesterday morning I noticed this little crocus -- the first I've seen this year, I believe -- blooming between the paving stones of my neighbor's driveway. I wonder how on earth it got there? It must have seeded itself. Persistent, like Elizabeth Warren!

Here's another tiny bulb, a snowdrop in our back garden. I don't recall ever finding snowdrops here before, so where it came from I'm not sure! I have a feeling not every bulb blooms every year -- wouldn't it make sense that they might take a year or two off?

Dave feels better today. His fever was gone yesterday afternoon, so he's headed back to work. Last night he called someone to come and clean our oven. That's one job neither he nor I have the energy to tackle!


  1. Happy that Dave's feeling better and good for you for getting the oven cleaned. I wish I could find someone to clean mine!

  2. I believe I am more astounded that you can call someone to clean an oven than I am about a crocus growing up through the sidewalk.
    I'm glad Dave is better.

  3. Those plants must thrive when there is still a chill in the air. There's no chill here today. It's supposed to get to 85! It's a little early for it to be that warm. I'm glad Dave is feeling better. If I didn't have a self-cleaning oven, I'd be calling someone too. Any job I have to kneel for is out of the question these days! :-)

  4. I guess you have to think about how bulbs spread naturally. My blue bells spread no matter how hard I try to keep them in one place.

  5. We're very excited to see what comes up at our new place. We saw some spears of leaves when we were there last week - maybe they're crocuses or lilies. We shall see!

    Glad Dave feels better!

  6. I read your title as Circus not Crocus! I am quite relieved there is not a circus in your driveway :)

    Between the birds, the wind, and underground roots, plants can spread pretty far. I still can't believe how far ahead of us you are weather-wise. We are predicted to get up to 40 cm of snow tonight :)

  7. crocus have to be planted every year here if we want them. gets too hot in the summer and not cold enough in the winter. I'd have to dig them up every year after the bloomed and stick them in the refrigerator or buy new every fall. glad Dave is feeling better.

  8. Such beautiful delicacy, and of course you've captured both with your beautiful photography!

    I'm glad that Dave is feeling better. Spring is on the way!

    P.S. Are we supposed to clean our oven?