Saturday, February 25, 2017

Free Stuff

It got downright chilly after Doris Day -- a low of 37º F yesterday. I'd put some of our plants outside earlier in the week -- our geraniums, for example, which I'm trying to revive after their rust infestation. (I sprayed them with an anti-fungal and they are looking much better.) It was nice to have the area around the back door all clean and open, but then the plants came in again for this burst of bad weather.

It is only February, so I guess I can't expect them to be able to stay outside permanently. Not yet. I'm just being a weather optimist.

Last night I went on a pub outing with Dave and some coworkers. Why, oh why, did I have that third pint? I should know by now that if I have two pints, I feel no ill effects, but a third one always leaves me feeling fuzzy the next day.

I have a few projects for the weekend -- cleaning out the garden shed, offering some old furniture on freecycle. We have Dave's old recliner, which we bought for our flat in Notting Hill but which he doesn't really like and never uses, and we have a glass-topped coffee table left by the former tenants of our current flat. I'm hoping to give them away. We'll see!

(Photo: Colorful houses near Camden Road.)


  1. I get that same fuzzy feeling after six pints... but of course I have been drinking pints of beer regularly since I was sixteen. It is worth checking the alcohol content of your chosen beer. Tetley's bitter is only 3.8%.

  2. I took all my plants out last week and out they are staying.

  3. I never brought mine in this year!

  4. I just looked at the temp here and it was 40F. It's way to late in the season to be that cold in Phoenix. Hopefully, it will start to warm up again next week.

  5. Yes, we are having a bit of chilly weather in Arizona but it looks like it will be warming up by Thursday. No plants to bring in or out here.

  6. Our high yesterday was 9C (48F)!! It's supposed to get even higher tomorrow, then go back to around freezing. Needless to say, our snow is disappearing quickly.

    Have you had much luck with Freecycle in the past? The group in our area has gone quiet - no one is posting anything.

    Those pastel houses remind me of Newfoundland's Jelly Bean Row - if you're interested, here's a picture:

  7. I love the colors on those seems to be holding its own here and no plants to worry about. Good luck with Freecycle.

  8. Pastel tones, a colourful window box and a man with a pram, talking on his phone. I don't recall seeing anyone with a pram in other photos.

    Nice angle to the photo, in every sense of the word...

  9. In Southern California we are no longer in a drought but the entire coastline may fall into the sea. I am hoping that the cooler wetter winter will give us a nice cool summer. Then I can put the room air conditioner I have needed for the past two summers into storage. We may get a lot of wild flowers, wouldn't you like to visit Santa Barbara Again?