Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Rescuing the Bulbs

Dave planted our sea kale, which we'd been keeping in a big flowerpot, in the ground over the weekend. Apparently it needs lots of room so we're hoping it will be more prosperous there, though we'll have to battle to keep the slugs away from it. It is slugalicious.

Anyway, when he dug out the hole, he threw a lot of dirt back behind some shrubbery against our garden fence. He's disposed of dirt in this spot before. But when I looked at his mini dirt pile I realized it was surrounded by sprouting bulbs -- and deduced there were probably bulbs under it, too.

So yesterday morning, before work, I got out there with the trug, which is this huge garden bucket sort of thing, and collected all that waste soil. Sure enough, I uncovered about six thick yellow bulb sprouts -- they were doing their best, considering they'd been completely buried. Now that they've been exposed to daylight again hopefully they'll survive. I think they're probably bluebells.

I dumped the dirt at the back of the garden, where we usually put leaves and sticks and where nothing grows. I told Dave not to use that spot by the fence for dirt disposal anymore. He probably gets sick of me giving him directions.

(Photo: Rather than a predictable picture of yellow bulb sprouts, how about a pink cow and a broken refrigerator, found near Wormwood Scrubs on Sunday?)


  1. Mr Wormwood Scrubs sounds like a character from Dickens. I imagine him as a drunken jailer with fingerless gloves and drool on his chin... and in the first cell there's Dastardly Dave, the demon disposer of discarded dirt. "Water! I need water!"

  2. good that you rescued the bulbs but why does Dave discard dirt? Just spread it around. now that I wrote that, I got a yard of dirt that has clay and clods in it which I am trying to separate out and plan to throw it in a sinkhole in my neighbors yard.

  3. Don't worry about bluebells. they'll spread even if you're trying to limit them. They're smarter than we are.

  4. I read your title then looked at the picture and then looked back at the title thinking did that say bulbs or bull. Rescuing the bulbs is a good thing. I think the pink cow is beyond help.

  5. Get right back to where that hellebore is fighting the good fight and rescue it. Now!

    And that pink cow looks more like a beheaded sheep to me.


  6. The bulbs should be fine, I think. They are pretty tough. I give my husband directions all the time. If they bother him he just ignores them, and then we are even :)