Sunday, February 26, 2017

Walking Olga with the iPhone

I brought my iPhone along on Olga's walk yesterday morning and found some interesting odds and ends.

First, the quirky house down the street where the lions used to be. It's been vacated and now it's under renovation. I wonder if the painted purple flowers and old bicycle will be preserved?

Nearby, this tenacious hellebore has taken root in the space between the sidewalk pavement and a garden wall -- and has even produced a flower. Unfortunately our sidewalks are due to be upgraded beginning next month, so I'm not sure what that hellebore's future will be.

A rather unfortunate graffiti tag.

Many of the houses on nearby Sumatra Road have these decorative tile panels next to the front door. They're common on English houses of a certain vintage, but the designs can vary widely. I like this urn-and-flowers motif.

Olga was mesmerized by these op-art front steps.

Barriers -- to keep in the other barriers?

During Storm Doris a few days ago, a tree fell and knocked down a fence, revealing some accumulated rubbish behind it -- including ABBA Gold! (I happen to love ABBA, for the record. But the CD was broken, and I have it already anyway.)

Olga checked out the colorful rows of crocus and other flowers planted on West End Green. (I photographed these last year, too.) Spring is on its way!


  1. I love those steps and that door but the pattern is rather dizzying...Another wonderful photo stroll!

  2. I agree with "e". Those checkerboard steps could be dangerous after a visit to the pub. There's an optical illusion going on and it would be easy to trip - but what excellent workmanship!

  3. The purple flower thing was a fashion disaster!

  4. I hereby declare those steps to be trippy.

  5. Looking at your title, for a quick moment it crossed my mind that Apple had finally created an app that would walk you dog for you.

  6. The steps would certainly cause some vertigo. I wonder if dogs get vertigo?

  7. This is certainly an interesting collection of shots. Those steps are very mesmerizing but I bet the fate of that sidewalk plant is not good. My ABBA is on my iPod now so no CD's left. I do love it when you find such interesting things on your walks.

  8. I'm in love with that shot of the dizzy steps and Olga. Love love love!

    I too am an ABBA fan. When we saw Momma Mia! on Broadway it was impossible not to sing along. However, a funny aside, a friend in NJ went to see the play and said to me, "you won't recognize any of the songs, that only sang that one song ONCE. " What??? Who hasn't heard all those ABBA songs? I just shook my head in disbelief.

  9. Like Marty, I thought your title referred to walking Olga using your phone, somehow :)

    Love the variety of photos with little quirks in all of them. And I wonder, like Red, if dogs get vertigo ...

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  11. I kind of like the purple flowers :)