Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Finding Light in the Dark

Remember Lumiere London, which I wrote about a few days ago? It's one of at least two light-art shows in London at this dark, dark time of year. Another is the Winter Lights show at Canary Wharf, which I hope to get to later this week (and which I've attended in the past).

But light art is going on all around us in the darkness of winter. For example, on Sunday I found these bright images from an advertising screen in Piccadilly Circus being reflected in a beautiful arched window in one of the old buildings there.

It's interesting how the mouth of the model in the advertisement -- and it was different women, appearing on the screen in rotation -- always reflects in that upper left circle of the window. I didn't do that intentionally. It was just where I was standing relative to the window and the advertisement, which must have been very consistent in its placement of the models.

I didn't even notice what the advertisement was for. I know there's a big Coke screen in Piccadilly Circus, but this seems more like fashion or makeup.

Anyway, my point is: A dark urban environment is a festival of light and art!


  1. Well-observed Steve. You have such a great eye for unusual photo opportunities.

  2. almost like petrol skimming over puddle water

  3. I think Lloyd should do this. They could project lights on the post office.

  4. sort of like a constantly changing stained glass.

  5. So much for those big bonfires of long ago.

  6. Very cool. I recognize the transom over Lillywhites. It's HUGE, so I can imagine what a light show you watched. And I bet you were the only one facing away from the electric billboards.

    I would love to get a full res image of yesterday's photo. I'm at: vivianswift at yahoo dot com.

    Thank you!

  7. That really is interesting how the model's are lined up perfectly in every scene. I'm not sure I would have noticed that until I downloaded the photos and examined them. You are right about the lights when the city is dark. London is certainly one of those cities with a lot of lights everywhere you go. I've seen some photos of the lights at Canary Wharf on Instagram. It looks very colorful.