Tuesday, January 23, 2018

New Oven, Old Tooth

I can't believe I haven't told you this yet, considering how much of a stink I've made about it, but we did get our new oven on Saturday morning. Woo hoo! Dave used it last night to make baked stuffed peppers. The appliance guy showed up and swapped it out pretty quickly, and hauled the old one away -- which was great because it needed to be cleaned and now I don't have to think about that at all!

My tooth, meanwhile, feels more or less OK. I have to admit that makes me think, "Why am I having this root canal, again?" But it's just a temporary interlude. The dentist said the pain would go away when the infection cleared, but it would all eventually return unless the tooth is fixed. So I still have to hang around for a week, waiting to get that done. I promise not to talk about it every day.

I just finished an excellent book called "London and the Southeast" by David Szalay. It's about an English salesman whose life spirals into chaos because of a series of bad choices and addictive behaviors. I saw it in the "briefly noted" column in The New Yorker a couple of weeks ago, and ordered it for the library. The weird thing is, though -- it's a 10-year-old book! I'm not sure why it was reviewed now, unless it's just being published in the states -- in which case, what took so long?

(Photo: Near Brent Cross, the day before Christmas.)


  1. The installation of the new oven proves that dreams really can come true. As Walt Disney said, "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Will there be a street party?

  2. You're the second person I've heard this week say the same thing about a proposed root canal- if it's not hurting any more, why do I need it? And my dentist always says the same thing yours did- the pain will go away but that won't solve the problem.
    I bet that Dave is so happy about that oven. I would be.

  3. I might give that book a go. I read 'The Dry' after you recommended it and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    As for the tooth, is it worth the risk of leaving it and then ending up with raging toothache again?
    Mine has settled down but I know that mine is loose and will eventually have to come out. Another thing that comes with age, lol

  4. Glad the infection is gone...Enjoy all the meals from your new oven!

  5. Great news about the oven arriving as planned on Saturday. Must be nice to have that over with. It's true what the previous commenters wrote about root canals. The infection may be gone but the issue isn't.

  6. Now your post title is very wide today. I' bet there's never ever been a title like that!!!

  7. a tooth that needs something as drastic as a root canal will not get better, only worse. best to save antibiotics for a real issue.

  8. Ta-da! That's for your new oven and, once the root canal is done, no more pain in your mouth.

  9. Glad to hear about the new oven. You certainly had to wait long enough.
    I'm with you on all that red (my post). I didn't care for it either.

  10. GREAT photograph! I like the punctuation of pink. The lady's hat is perfectly situated against that mural, which for my money is a fantastic piece of "found" modern art. And I prefer to think that the old business sign is about a 24-hour Wine Centre.

    I also get your sense of humor. In your photo I can see that little pink blob-hat hop down the road, and you waiting to snap it at just the right moment, and it's funny. Modern life in all its permutations.

  11. I love that photo. It's got so much character. I remember that title when it first came out. I also saw it at one of my favourite bookshops on Brick Lane.

    Have a nice rest of the week.

  12. The way my dentist explained it to me, an abscess is caused by infection in the pulp located in the root of the tooth - basically, it's dying, and once it's dead, the whole tooth is hard to save; a root canal removes the infection, cleans the pulp out of the canals, seals the tooth, and makes the tooth stable and functional again. And no more pain. I'm glad you have taken your dentist's advice. They don't get all that training for nothing - ha ha

    Yay for the new oven! It's almost anticlimactic, isn't it, to have it replaced so quickly and efficiently once it arrived? I would've been cringing, just waiting for the next crisis in the process!! The thing about doing without our conveniences is that we tend to appreciate them when we get them back, for a while at least, and sometimes for a long while :)

  13. Better to take cars of a tooth issue while it's NOT hurting or causing problems, to my way of thinking. Putting it off means you may be forced to deal with it when it becomes an emergency. Or at the very least, be forced to take another round of antibiotics when it flares up again.

  14. Taking another look at the photo: the stairs on the right are perfection. And the little stone pillars in front, why do I find them so adorable? The symmetry of the two trees; the total view is so balanced, and so crazy. As if you're using classical notions of proportion and composition, but thru a punk lens. Do you sell prints?

  15. Love what Vivian said about your photo! Yes exactly!

    And yay for the oven and taking care of that tooth.

  16. YP: Did Walt Disney say that? Well, he said something like it, I'm sure. "When you wish upon a star..."

    Ms Moon: Yep, he's pretty thrilled. We've used it every night this week!

    Briony: Yes, read it! I'm so glad you liked "The Dry"!

    E: Well, for the time being, anyway. As I said, I know this is temporary until I get the tooth fixed.

    Robin: Yeah, it makes me nervous, actually, knowing that the infection is still lingering!

    Red: Ha! Always go for an eye-catching headline!

    Ellen: Yes, you're right.

    Catalyst: Ta-da!

    Sharon: Headache-inducing, isn't it? If I were having a drink there I'd just want to get out! LOL

    Vivian: So glad you liked the picture! I'd actually wanted to shoot that wall for a while, but I never saw the right moment. And then when I was walking Olga one day, I saw that woman coming down the street in her pink hat and leopard jacket, and I thought, THIS IS IT! (Oh, and it IS a 24-hour wine shop!) I'd be happy to e-mail you the full-res photo if you want to make a print. Or you can make it your computer's background screen saver! Just leave me your e-mail address.

    Cuban: It's worth a read, if you're ever inspired to try it out!

    Jenny-O: Yeah,, that's pretty much what my dentist said too. I mean, intellectually, I KNOW I have to have it fixed. It's just my animal mind questioning it because the pain is gone now. You know?

    Jennifer: Yes, that's absolutely true.

    37P: Yay. (He says, without much enthusiasm.) LOL