Thursday, April 12, 2018

Beans and Jamie

You know the video I posted yesterday, of my grandparents and other relatives? I posted that same clip on Facebook, and both there and here a few people commented that everyone seemed to be walking very slowly. I think they were being careful because the house was newly built and there was lots of sand and probably some uneven ground around it. My grandmother and great-grandmother were trying hard to stay on the stepping stones. (Funny how I never really noticed that slow pace before!)

Also, someone mentioned the dog in the background -- that was Beans, our Boston Terrier. My mom always said Beans was crazy, but she hadn't had any experience living with pets up to that point. I suspect Beans was just being an enthusiastic little dog when he did things like chew on the corner of her stamp collection.

Yes, I know, I was a fat baby. My dad mixed my formula incorrectly. That's the story I always heard, anyway.

In other news, I finally got the health insurance app on my phone to talk to my Apple Health app, and thus track and record how much I walk each week -- which in turn will supposedly earn me free movie tickets and other goodies through my insurance plan. (I wish they'd eliminate all that folderol, charge less for the insurance and thus allow me to buy my own movie tickets -- but no, that would be too simple.) Anyway, I did manage to get a free coffee yesterday at Starbucks as a reward for walking so far during the week. Success!

Last night I went with a group of coworkers to see "Everybody's Talking About Jamie," a show on the West End about a teenage boy who wants to be a drag queen. It was a cute show, with some excellent performances, but also with a story trajectory that was entirely predictable. Apparently actress Rebel Wilson was in the audience -- I wouldn't have recognized her, but someone in my group did and chatted with her a bit. Can I call it a "brush with fame" if I barely know the famous person?

(Photo: A rain-laden white daffodil in our garden. The yellow daffodils, which always come first, have faded and we're on to the white ones now.)


  1. No! You cannot call it a brush with fame if you hardly know the person. Sorry about that old bean.

  2. You were not a fat baby! You were just a healthy baby. Goodness!
    What a beautiful daffodil in the rain.

  3. not a fat baby. my niece-in-law was a fat baby and I mean fat. you would only have made up half of her.

  4. I loved watching the videos! Makes me wish my family had kept all of our old movies from the early 60s. You were an adorable baby.

  5. "Beans", what a great name for a Boston Terrier. That's an actress I don't recognize so I wouldn't have known her either.

  6. Don't feel bad. I never heard of Rebel Wilson either. We're getting old, Steve.

  7. I feel if you know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who barely knows a famous person, even that is a brush with fame - lol

    You didn't strike me as a fat baby, either. Children that young generally have a little baby fat and there's a reason why that term was coined. Have a look at a gallery of baby photos sometime!

    Beans. Love it! And that picture today - love that, too. I don't think I've ever seen a white daffodil before.

  8. Why strikes me most about you as a baby is how I can still see that adorable little infant's face in the man you are now.