Friday, April 27, 2018

iPhone Photo Parade

Well, the weather is yucky today and I have nothing much to say, so how about some random iPhone photos?

First, a peculiar piece of metal with magnetic white squares stuck to it, apparently left out for the trash man. I have no earthly idea what it could be.

Dave and I found this poster on the way to Homebase one morning. I thought it had something to do with a religious cult, but then I found out Baby Blue Aura is a band.

At Homebase we found...hedgehog kibble? Who knew?

(We didn't buy any. I'm sure we don't have any hedgehogs in our garden, and with Olga around we wouldn't want to attract them even if we could. As I understand it the only population of wild hedgehogs in London is in Regent's Park.)

I found a fiver while walking Olga! Woo hoo!

Remember the "free zone" near the library, where someone would set out peculiar stuff for others to take? Well, it's disappeared, and this sign was left in its wake. Apparently the free zone has come to an end, at least at that location. (I haven't seen it surface anywhere else.)

Thames Water has been doing repairs to a water main on the high street. The project seems like it's been going on and on for weeks, though I'd be hard pressed to say exactly when it began, and the hole is gigantic. The road is already a traffic nightmare through here, and the construction has closed off a handy pedestrian crosswalk, so here's hoping the work ends soon.

I found more old carvings in a tree trunk on Hampstead Heath. Looks like Chenille and Ken, maybe? I'm not sure why there are two years mentioned -- maybe they dated for six years, or maybe they weren't there at the same time!

An old-fashioned wooden sign on a garage near Wormwood Scrubs...

...and finally, another sign that I found on my way home from work last night. The other side was blank. Strangely ambiguous! I wonder if anyone congregated?


  1. What will you do with the fiver? Great photos...

  2. I trust you handed the fiver in to the local police station. It could have been a birthday gift to a disabled child. She tried to grip it but it blew away, leaving her distraught. Fascinating photo gallery.

  3. You have nothing much to write about?
    I loved this have plenty to say

  4. Yep. I like this post a lot. It's like life- random interesting stuff if you pay attention.
    You'd think that those of us who walk would find more money, wouldn't you? I used to see porn flung to the side of the road but never lately. Maybe online porn has completely replaced it. Who needs to buy a magazine when you have a phone in your pocket?
    I like how buying food for Hedgehogs helps to get one "closer to nature." I suppose there's little difference between that and bird food. Although, well.

  5. It doesn't appear that the person who carved 1975 is the same person who carved 1969. An entire novel could be written to explain this.

  6. I love that last sign. It looks like something out of a Monty Python sketch.

  7. You do get to see some interesting and stuff there. Random photos tell such a story!

  8. That fiver is definitely mine. Even though I live in Norfolk, I recognize it as one I've had in my purse, for years. I demand its immediate return or I or else I'll send 8 out of work jockies round to retrieve it. PS love to Olga

  9. Lucky you! I think those white things in the first photo are magnetic photo frames to frame a photo so you can put it on the refrigerator. I had some once. You captured all kind of interesting tidbits here. That last one actually made me laugh out loud. Like you, I wonder if anyone actually congregated and if they knew what they were congregating for.

  10. I think Sharon is correct that those white frames are magnetic photo frames. The university our daughter attended gave out magnets to freshmen that consisted of two pieces, the outer frame like those in your photo, and the inner rectangle which was a promo ad for the university itself. Maybe someone had made a collage of pictures on that piece of metal.

    Found money! Hedgehog kibble! Curious signs of all kinds! Are you kidding? This is perfect stuff for a post! The last sign made me laugh. Just what the heck is "a duration of time"??

  11. i love how these signs provoke stories in your mind.

  12. E: I'm not sure! It's still in my wallet.

    YP: As Margaret Thatcher might say, "Finders keepers!"

    John: Well, thanks. I'm just channeling the world around me!

    Ms Moon: I actually find quite a bit of money. Apparently it's a thing for people to throw away coins. I just don't understand that at all. I've never found porn, at least not for years and years, but I think your hunch is right -- people don't have paper porn anymore!

    Colette: I agree! I think the 1975 person came later and was probably unrelated to the 1969 person, but who knows?

    Catalyst: It IS very Python-esque! That British sense of humor, I suppose.

    Robin: There's a lot of peculiar stuff out there!

    Lesley: OK, you've convinced me. I shall mail it forthwith.

    Sharon: Thanks for solving the photo-frame mystery! I wondered if that's what they were, but there seemed to be so many of them!

    Jenny-O: I suppose a "duration" is whatever you want it to be!

    37P: They do, don't they? As the old TV show used to say, "There are eight million stories in the Naked City. This has been one of them!"

  13. quite the theme you have going there...signs of one sort or another. love the baby blue aura and the last one.