Thursday, December 27, 2018

Aliens, Rush and Francophone Radio

We spent almost all day yesterday in the car. We left Jacksonville about 10 a.m., then drove south through Green Cove Springs and Starke to U.S. 301 and then I-75. En route we came across this auto salvage (or something) business near Starke.

I especially like the little alien reclining atop the cars with his bottle of Captain Morgan:

It takes all kinds, doesn't it?

Anyway, we wound up at Dave's parents' house in Bradenton about 4 p.m. We had just enough time to grab dinner before climbing back in the car and driving up to Tampa to collect his sister from the airport -- only to learn that she flew into St. Petersburg and not Tampa. So then we had to cross the bay and get to the right airport. Whew!

But now everyone is here and we have a few days to relax.

On the way down from North Florida, surrounded by so many Trump signs, Dave and I were inspired to try listening to some right-wing talk radio. We found a station carrying Rush Limbaugh -- jackpot! -- and although Rush himself was on vacation the show was still good for some LOLZ. Long on bluster, short on facts and specifics. We eventually had to turn it off because we were both getting a headache.

The worst thing about talk radio is the incessant talking. Honestly, I don't know how anyone can stand it.

Now, at 6:49 a.m., I'm sitting in the lobby of our Ramada Inn in Sarasota, listening to a modern version of "Living in the City" on, weirdly, a French-language radio station. I have no idea why.


  1. I admire your nerve in stopping to take those pictures.

  2. I can't listen to right wing talk radio. I end up furious and swearing at the radio!

  3. Brave of you to listen to conservative talk radio. I love that little alien. That is quite a find!

    At the rusty old car graveyard in Red Neck City FL:-
    HANK (holding blunderbuss) Hey! Watcha doin' mister?
    STEVE Oh! Just taking some arty photographs sir!
    HANK Whaddya wanna do that fer mister?
    STEVE I like to display them upon my blog.
    HANK (bluderbuss still pointing) You some kinda freak? Where ye from?
    STEVE (shaking) I live in London, England sir.
    HANK You don't none sound like a freakin' limey to me mister! I'm gonna say this just once! Get yer ass of my property immediately or I'll shoot ye back to London, England like a freakin' limey Concorde. NOW SKIT!
    STEVE (eyes wide and brow furrowed) Okay. Okay, I'm going. Please don't shoot sir! (Exit)

  5. Isn't this planet a mysterious and wonderful place? First, there's a line of rusty autos with a hint of an extra-planetary narrative; then there's the lawn signs waving the Lord Our Savior in for a landing; then there's Mr Pudding trying on a red neck accent.

    In spite of the Republicans, I like living on Earth. Every day has its marvels. But then again, I might still be a little drunk from last night.

  6. for some reason I thought Dave's parents lived up north somewhere. sounds like a miserable car ride...long, junk and crazy people, and right wing radio. no wonder you had a headache.

  7. Love that alien. Perfect for the environment. I'd feel like an alien there too. Very brave of you to listen to right-wingy talk radio. It would drive me way too crazy in a very short time.

  8. I can only hack about 5 minutes of Rush. And I used to work for a radio station that carried his blather. Thankfully I didn't have to listen to it.

  9. Holidays are meant to see and do new things. You've been seeing many things.

  10. About the French language radio station, there is also a French language newspaper, “Le Courrier de Floride”. There are quite a large number of Québécois snowbirds in Florida (for 182 days anyway so they can keep their healthcare) so I believe it is for them. We live in Atlanta now but riding our motorbikes to Florida from Québec and seeing the “Bienvenue en Floride” sign used to be quite cool. A bit long winded but I hope this satisfies your curiosity.

  11. Boy, do you find weird things to photograph! I am once again in awe of your eye...and yes, I listen to all sorts of radio mostly via the web so get the French, Spanish and Salsa with which I grew up. Talk radio just raises my blood pressure.

  12. And I was thinking there was something wrong with me for not liking talk radio! I can't take it either, and not just right-wing, ANY kind of talk radio. It takes people so long to say anything. I'd rather read about it.

    That sounds like a long day of driving. I'm glad you can relax now! Love the alien; it's almost as good as a manatee in a Dolly Parton wig. lol

  13. Colette: I don't stay long!

    Jennifer: The trick is to not take it seriously, which isn't that hard because it's all so ridiculous.

    Sharon: Isn't that great? I loved the quirkiness of that place.

    YP: Yeah, I gotta say, I'm always a little concerned about being confronted, but it rarely happens. As I told Colette, I don't stick around long. I hop out of the car, snap a few frames and get the heck out.

    Vivian: Yes! The planet's marvels are what this blog is all about! Ha!

    Ellen: They do live in Michigan in the summers. They only come down to Florida in the winter.

    Robin: Well, as I told Jennifer, you just can't take it too seriously. I don't understand why it's so popular. It's really monotonous and all that jabbering is exhausting after a while.

    Catalyst: Were you ever tempted to pull the plug? I would be!

    Red: Yes! We keep ourselves busy!

    Arlene: Bien sûr! Thanks so much for the reminder. I remember from living here that we get some French Canadians in Florida but I guess I didn't realize there were enough to make a radio station viable. Of course, with these days of Satellite radio, we can probably get Radio Montreal down here.

    E: Ha! There is weirdness all around us, E. :)

    Jenny-O: If he drank a little more Captain Morgan he'd probably love a Dolly Parton wig all his own. LOL