Monday, December 24, 2018

Birds and Frogs

We spent yesterday with my mom at her retirement community near the wide St. John's River. There are always lots of birds around in Florida at this time of year, with migrants either passing through or stopping for the winter, and we saw some interesting ones yesterday. The green heron (above) is a year-round resident.

One of Mom's neighbors has a bird feeder that was a hive of activity, with squabbling bluebirds and several yellow pine warblers. I'm hoping to have another look at this feeder today. I saw what I think was a magnolia warbler on it too, but I didn't get a good shot.

We were there all morning and then went to lunch at a taco place nearby, where I had virtually inedible huevos rancheros. (And for me to say something is inedible is, well, saying something, because I am not a picky eater.) The eggs were severely underdone, the whole dish was tepid and yet the tortillas were so tough I couldn't cut them with a knife and fork. I ate it with some trepidation but fortunately there were no bacterial consequences.

Afterwards I felt like I'd swallowed a bag of cement, so I went for a long walk around our hotel.

I found a few more sculptural frogs left by the Frog Man of Mandarin. I'm always happy to come across his colorful amphibians.

More family time today, of course. Happy Christmas Eve, everybody!


  1. Sounds like the restaurant you visited should be given the Kitchen Nightmares treatment by that friendly TV chef - Gordon Ramsay. Give your mum a big Yorkshire Xmas hug from me.

  2. YP's comment made me laugh. You don't usually see the word "friendly" in front of Gordon Ramsay. However, I agree. The place you ate does sound like a candidate for Kitchen Nightmares. I love the bird photos. Happy Christmas to you and your family! Enjoy the day.

  3. Love those birds at the feeder. Ah, life in southern temperate climates. That restaurant dish sounds awful. Ugh. Really glad you didn't get sick.

  4. Steve, I keep telling you to come to Arizona. Great huevos rancheros here! Merry Christmas.

  5. you should have sent the meal back if it was that terrible. I'm seeing titmice and chickadees and cardinals of course, our year round residents and the little yellow warblers that come for the winter. the doves that are so numerous in the summer are not around.

  6. "Like I'd swallowed a bag of cement" . . . lol but it's true; some meals just don't sit well :)

    Love all the birds. That green heron with his yellow stockings, well, that is just darn cute, although if he's a large bird, cute may be the wrong word. Strangely, the Audubon website doesn't give a size.

    Merry Christmas Eve, Steve and Dave :)

  7. your green heron looks very exotic- Audobon worthy! British manners rubbing off on you I see. "mustn't moan". eat it anyway- proper good manners...BUT how are they to know that their food sucks if they are not told? And spanked.

  8. It's a great time when you have many birds nearby.