Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

It's off to work I go -- another cog in the wheel, another dwarf in the mine, another wage slave. Some of you asked why school seems to be starting so early. The kids aren't coming back yet -- we have about a week and a half before they show up. But we teachers and staff have a lot of preparation to do, especially in the library, where some major construction work was being done in the ceiling over the summer and no doubt things have been moved around and need organizing.

I anticipate a fairly busy day, actually. That's not a bad thing. I usually find that after a couple of months of summer I'm ready to get back into my working routine, if only so that I can once again start complaining on my blog about overdue books.

We had more rain yesterday morning -- a good, steady, soaking rain that went on for a while. I wish it had gone on all day, but I suppose I shouldn't get greedy. Here's a look at some of what's blooming in the garden at the moment. At top, a hydrangea that last year didn't bloom at all. I can't remember the variety but it's the one the foxes dug up several years ago.

The zinnias are looking better, after a rather bedraggled start.

We only have one blooming Japanese anemone so far, the pink one. The white ones have buds but I haven't yet seen an open flower, aside from one blossom that had been baked to a crisp by the time I returned from Michigan last week. I think they've struggled with the hot, dry summer.

The red-hot pokers, on the other hand, are from South Africa, so hot and dry doesn't faze them. So far only one plant is blooming, the one off the patio. The other bas been enveloped by a stand of persicaria so it gets less sun and hasn't done as well.

Our cardoon managed to eke out a couple of flowers but it also hasn't looked great this year. The dog tends to break the plant apart when walking through the flower beds -- I need to put up some barriers to protect it.

To help you experience the joys of our rainfall yesterday, here's a video:

Yes, I actually walked around in the rain. I didn't care. It felt so good. You'll see that some plants -- the teasels, the lupines, some of the buddleias and crocosmias -- are looking pretty terrible. Others -- like the yellow rudbeckia, which I only recently bought, or the canna lily at the end -- look pretty good. And yes, our sunflower is finally starting to bloom! I'm waiting for the flower to get a bit bigger before I photograph it.


Frances said...

No, we still didn't get more than a few drops of rain yesterday! You are obviously hogging it all! At least it is much cooler.

Moving with Mitchell said...

I love walking in the rain, especially a dry spell like the one you've had. The flowers are always beautiful to see.

Boud said...

Such a change for people in the UK to welcome and love rain! Usually they're waiting for it to stop.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Already looking forward to the resumed tales of "Reed versus The Overdues". Isn't it about time you invested in an electrified cattle prod?

Bob said...

The rain always brightens up a garden. We've had a couple of good downpours in the last couple of days and everything's lush and green again.

Ms. Moon said...

Ah, rain! A glory to you, a glory to the garden.
I hope you're having a very fine re-entry day at the library.

Ed said...

I'm not questioning you. School here starts in just shy of six days from now and I'm almost counting the hours until the house is peacefully quite during the daytime.

Margaret said...

I would start going up to school about now but our meetings were usually at the end of August and then students came after Labor Day. What beautiful flowers you have! Glad you got the rain. We need some too.

Sabine said...

So in other words, another day another dollar, no? We are still waiting for rain. Not a hope it seems and I checked every single weather app available.

Pixie said...

Thank you for the beautiful flower photos and the walk in the rain. I love your wild garden.

Ellen D. said...

It is amazing how much variety and loveliness you and Dave have packed into your garden! Well done!
Best of luck at the library! Hope you recover lots of overdue books this year! :)

NewRobin13 said...

Such beautiful flowers you have there, and I loved listening to that rain. It's been so long since I've heard such a lovely sound. Enjoy your first day back at work!

Tasker Dunham said...

I could sometimes not get it home that teachers and lecturers don't only work during term time. My mother used to drive me mad by asking "when do you break up for the holidays?"

The Bug said...

Your garden is just so so lovely - a nice oasis in a crazy world.

I need to see when our school starts back. I thought maybe it had already happened because traffic was crazy the other day (and I'm having deja vu - did I already mention this in my comment yesterday - ha!).

Sharon said...

I LOVED the walk in the rain, it was very refreshing. I hope the plants got a good soaking.
Have fun at work!

Colette said...

Life is good! I especially liked the way you composed the red zinnia picture.

Kelly said...

What a lovely, gentle rain! (though it appears in the last part of the clip to have picked up a bit)

My favorite photo is the flower with the raindrops on it. (anemone?)

Sandra said...

As a new comer I look forward to the complaints about overdue books. Your flowers are lovely.

Debby said...

It's raining here today, too! We are very grateful for it.

jenny_o said...

Nice shots of the blooms! We have had two heavy rainfalls in the last week and I wish for no more because they are washing away a bank next to my basement and I can no longer use the door or leave my compost bin there! Another costly house/yard repair in the works ...

May your work go well and the meetings be mercifully brief :)

John Going Gently said...

Yes, I hate to say it but I pot was great to be wet

Jeanie said...

I'm so glad you got some good rain -- you need it so desperately. Ah, back to work. But nice to have a week before all the kids land in. Beautiful photos of your blooms, each and every one.

Steve Reed said...

Frances: Well, I hope you got some on Wednesday! That rain was CRAZY here.

Mitchell: It did feel good to have some moisture coming down.

Boud: I know! Usually we do things DESPITE rain.

YP: Well, the whip isn't working, so I have to do something.

Bob: It doesn't take long, either. Our garden already looks better after just a dew days of precipitation.

Ms Moon: It was a good day!

Ed: There's a lot to be said for having kids in school, that's for sure. :)

Margaret: Yeah, that's about what we're doing.

Sabine: Well, that's disappointing! I would think some of our weather systems might be headed your way too.

Pixie: I'm glad you appreciated it! It's actually less wild than it was last year -- we've tried to keep it a little more under control.

Ellen D: One came back yesterday that was due in February! So that made me happy.

Robin: Rain is the best sound, especially when you're inside and dry. But I couldn't resist being out in it!

Tasker: Dave is always working, even during breaks. My job involves a lot less planning, so I can really take more time off.

Bug: You did! But that's OK, I know I repeat myself all the time. :)

Sharon: Glad you enjoyed it!

Colette: Thank you! I had to stand in a weird place to take it from that angle so I'm glad you noticed. :)

Kelly: Yes, that's a pink anemone. We also have white ones. The rain DID get stronger as I made the video.

Sandra: I'll remind you that you said that in February or so when it's all I'm talking about. LOL

Debby: Yay! Rain all around!

Jenny-O: Oh no! Well, erosion has its downside, that's for sure. I hope the fix isn't too much of a problem.

John: It WAS great to be wet! I got even wetter yesterday! (Weds)

Jeanie: And we still need more. I hope it keeps coming!

gz said...

Beautiful flowers.
Schools are back here...but they do start their holiday break earlier.