Monday, May 28, 2007

E. 29th Street, May 2007

Since I'm always going on about what's happening outside my window, I thought you might want to see the view: the fire escape, the horse chestnut tree on the right, the brick wall and windows of another apartment building across the courtyard. If I get close to the window and look up and to the left, I can see the Empire State Building.

I retrieved the colored glass ornament from my grandmother's house in Hyattsville, Md., after she died nearly 20 years ago. She actually got it in the 1930s in Cape Cod - it was made by a local artist from colored beach glass, all fused together with lead. It weighs a ton.

Yesterday my friend Rob and I went up the Hudson Valley to Cold Spring and Beacon. We took the train from Grand Central and spent the day wandering through antique shops. I found a great postcard of the Williamsburg Bridge from 1903 that I bought for $4.

We had lunch at a diner in Beacon called the Yankee Clipper, where they made a killer vanilla shake. I also had time on the train to read a bit of "The Berlin Stories" by Christopher Isherwood, which I've been reading for about two months now - I keep getting distracted, though I like the book. Consider this the beginning of a concerted effort to finish it!


  1. I love vanilla shakes and I, too, am a slow reader. I figure I'll never read all the good books in the world, so I might as well take my time and enjoy the ones I do read.

    Best of all I love the view out of your window. Thank you for sharing it! It's such a friendly view. I would never guess New York City. Cool!

  2. Lordy! Looking at all your posts I realized that it's been days since I looked at your blog. I've been feeling very unmotivated lately when it comes to being on the computer. Anyhoo, nice photo and your trip sounds delightful (especially the vanilla shake). I made a post today about syncronicity that you might like...

  3. i like seeing out of other peoples' windows! (and into them too :) )

    (nosey, some might say...)

  4. Now I want a close up of that ornament.