Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Third Avenue, May 2007

I finally got back to the Zendo last night, after having been away for more than a week. It was nice to sit again, though my mind was turning cartwheels - it felt a little hyped up, I suppose because I hadn't been sitting in several days.

I think my schedule is finally lightening up. As summer settles in, after Memorial Day, it will get much more manageable. New York always gets slow during the summer, and the streets seem to empty out as everyone who can goes to Long Island or the Jersey Shore. I always just stay in town. I like the slower pace, the sultry days.

Got another GREAT night's sleep last night. I think I've been sleep deprived without really knowing it!


  1. Good morning Steve. Nothing like a restful sleep, is there?

    I like the angles and how the shadow stretches on one face of the wall, racing to meet the perpendicular face.

  2. this is a great shot steven. i like it a lot.
    i had a crap night's sleep last night...grrr

  3. Love the geometrical shadows! And I love yesterday's post (just catching up). What a wonderful day, fantastic experiences and descriptions. People definitely become river-like when they walk or run together as a group. I love the feeling that accompanies human rivers.

    Thank you for walking in the AIDS walk. Walking your talk, literally! Glad you got some good sleep, too!

  4. I thought of you while watching a documentary called Japanland (I had read the related book) --there were these monks and all they did was walk and pray most of the time--walk all day practically, meditating as they walked. It was part of their training.

    I like the walls in this pic, but the shadows really make it.

  5. Glad you got a good nights sleep. I'm longing for one. I've been traveling too, but haven't slept well and keep hoping I will.

    Your post is encouraging! :-)

  6. i love to sleep.

    (exercise really helps)